Ad Patres - Scorn Aesthetics

Scorn Aesthetics
Track Listing: 
  1. ...
  2. The Lock
  3. Scars of Compromise
  4. Circles of Red
  5. To the Fathers
  6. Scorn Aesthetics
  7. In Vivo
  8. Emphasize Nihility
  9. Anti
  10. All That Remains





Ad Patres (Meaning 'To The Fathers') are a brutal death metal band from France on the upcoming label Kaotoxin Records. If you're unfamiliar with the sound Ad Patres bring, might I recommend some warning because this shit is heavy. 'Scorn Aesthetics' pummels away with ten tracks of non-stop carnage, the album only lasts thirty minutes yet the time spent listening will leave you with a ringing in your ear drums from the havoc it will surely wreak.

 A brief introductional track is just something to lend a hand whilst leading to the furious tracks that lie ahead, casually erupting into 'The Lock', and then the devastating 'Scars Of Compromise', mashing intense riffs with a rightful dose of melody - creating an unusual, yet intelligent form of song writing.  'Circles Of Red' boasts its productive arrays of riffage, whilst 'To The Fathers' picks back up on the more in-depth death metal roots, as well as still clinging to its thrash-styled melodic moments that we've already encountered so far. Album title track 'Scorn Aesthetics' seems to of finished blasting away before it's even started, leaving you with 'In Vivo'; a darker side to the album, where the drumming distracts you from noticing every other musical element, in which detail such as this is proven brilliantly.

 As the album comes closer to its demise, 'Emphasise Nihility', 'Anti' and final track 'All That Remains' blast away. 'Anti' being one of the more diverse-filled songs on the album, with a slightly more interesting approach in vocal styles, my favourite being the unusual pig-ish squeals (If you can call it that), which overall mix everything up from the usual death metal growls. 

 The album is simply a fun death metal record, something that like most death metal should never be taken too seriously, yet the album stuns its listeners by basically boasting its worth in the form of production, and creative style. Throughout the ten tracks there's never initially a dull moment, and also fans of the genre might want to be informed that Ad Patres refuse to go off the rails, always sticking to what they know, and what they're best at, and this debut record is in fact the proof of what modern extreme music can really do for the underground scene.

Click HERE to see the live version of 'Circles Of Red'


Label Name: 
Kaotoxin Records