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TRIPTYKON's TOM GABRIEL FISCHER Talks To 'Metal Hammer' Radio Show About 'Melana Chasmata' (Audio)

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Metal Hammer editor Alexander Milas recently conducted an interview with former HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST and current TRIPTYKON singer, guitarist, and main songwriter Tom Gabriel Fischer (a.k.a. Tom Gabriel Warrior) for the "Metal Hammer" radio show on TeamRock Radio. You can listen to the chat using the SoundCloud player below. TRIPTYKON and Century Media Records/Prowling Death Records have announced a special limited-edition box set of the band's second album, "Melana Chasmata", containing the album's main Mediabook CD edition as well as a selection of unique TRIPTYKON paraphernalia. The "Melana Chasmata" Mediabook features a 32-page booklet and an additional 12-panel fold-out cross-booklet; the paraphernalia comprises a silver TRIPTYKON "T" necklace, 2 specially manufactured TRIPTYKON candles, a TRIPTYKON tote bag, a poster, and 3 postcards. The box set will be limited to 2000 copies worldwide. Says Fischer: "Some time ago, I voiced my personal disapproval regarding the original concept for the planned TRIPTYKON 'Melana Chasmata' box set as scheduled for release by our licensing partner, Century Media Records. It is to Century Media Records' credit that they listened and subsequently approached me to address my misgivings and create a box set that represents the group's ideas and intentions far more comprehensively. I am grateful for such an open and creative collaboration, and I deeply respect Century Media Records for sparing neither effort nor expenditure to please TRIPTYKON and the band's audience. I wish record labels would have acted like this in the 1980s." "Melana Chasmata" was released on April 15 (one day earlier internationally). The CD was made available through a collaboration between TRIPTYKON's own label, Prowling Death Records Ltd., and renowned metal giant Century Media Records. This is the same label partnership already responsible for CELTIC FROST's final album, "Monotheist" (2006), HELLHAMMER's "Demon Entrails" demo compendium (2008), and TRIPTYKON's debut album, "Eparistera Daimones", and "Shatter" EP (2010). Like its predecessor "Eparistera Daimones", the album was produced by TRIPTYKON's singer/guitarist Tom Gabriel Warrior and guitarist V. Santura and recorded and mixed at V. Santura's own Woodshed Studio in southern Germany as well as at TRIPTYKON's rehearsal facilities in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2013 and 2014. Those who have heard "Melana Chasmata" have described it as "atmospheric, dark, diabolical, and dramatic", "diverse, epic, and doomy, but on an entirely different level", "a fierce boulder of abhorrence", or "very heavy and yet very aesthetic at the same time". "Melana Chasmata" features the following nine songs, at a playing time of around 67 minutes: 01. Tree Of Suffocating Souls 02. Boleskine House 03. Altar Of Deceit 04. Breathing 05. Aurorae 06. Demon Pact 07. In The Sleep Of Death 08. Black Snow 09. Waiting To commemorate the unveiling of "Melana Chasmata", Century Media has released a collector's gatefold seven-inch vinyl single, featuring the songs "Breathing" and "Boleskine House". The single was made available on March 17, and is limited to a pressing 1000 (of which 200 are in red vinyl). "Breathing" and "Boleskine House" are also available as a digital single (including the option for a digital booklet), and they are being streamed via the YouTube clips below. "Melana Chasmata" is further distinguished by featuring, for the second time for TRIPTYKON, the extraordinary art of legendary Swiss surrealist HR Giger. Following "Eparistera Daimones", the group began to make arrangements for an entirely different cover for the second album. Completely unexpectedly, HR Giger approached Tom Gabriel Warrior in October of 2011 to express his appreciation of how TRIPTYKON had used his art on the first album and to propose a continuation of the artistic collaboration. This development thus marks the first time any musical artist has worked with HR Giger on three albums (CELTIC FROST's "To Mega Therion", and TRIPTYKON's "Eparistera Daimones" and "Melana Chasmata"), and it commemorates a collaboration that has now lasted for 30 years. "Melana Chasmata" features Giger's dramatically mysterious "Mordor VII" (work no. 283, 100 x 70 cm, acrylic on wood, 1975) as a front cover and Giger's "Landschaft XVI" ["Landscape XVI"] (work no. 209, 100 x 70 cm, acrylic on paper on wood, 1972) as gatefold art. TRIPTYKON consists of V. Santura (guitar, vocals), Norman Lonhard (drums, percussion), Vanja Slajh (bass, vocals), and Tom Gabriel Warrior (voice, guitars).


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Pete Bailey of TeamRock Radio recently conducted an interview with former KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and current DEVIL YOU KNOW vocalist Howard Jones. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below. DEVIL YOU KNOW, the creative union of Howard Jones, Francesco Artusato (ALL SHALL PERISH) and John Sankey (DEVOLVED), will release its inaugural effort, "The Beauty of Destruction", on both physical and digital formats on April 25 in Europe and April 29 in North America via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. "The Beauty Of Destruction" was produced by Logan Mader (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, GOJIRA, DEVILDRIVER, SOULFLY) and mixed by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (HATEBREED, SOULFLY). Artwork for the album was created by noted painter and illustrator Travis Smith (OPETH, DEVIN TOWNSEND). "When Travis Smith presented us with the initial sketches we were blown away,” commented Jones. “He captured the concept of the album perfectly. It’s hugely different than anything that’s out there and will be immediately recognizable as DEVIL YOU KNOW." "The Beauty Of Destruction" track listing: 01. A New Beginning 02. My Own 03. Embracing The Torture 04. For The Dead And Broken 05. Seven Years Alone 06. It's Over 07. A Mind Insane 08. Crawl From The Dark 09. The Killer 10. I Am The Nothing 11. Shut It Down 12. As Bright As The Darkness 13. Sacrifice (bonus track - vinyl LP only) As previously reported, DEVIL YOU KNOW will support BLACK LABEL SOCIETY on this year's Revolver Golden Gods Tour, which will kick off on April 16 in Portland and wrap up on June 7 in Los Angeles. Also appearing on the bill is DOWN. "It's the record I've waited my entire life to make," Artusato said about "The Beauty Of Destruction". "Logan really pushed us and brought the best out of us and now Zeuss is making it sound amazing!" DEVIL YOU KNOW's touring lineup is completed by guitarist Roy Lev-Ari and BLEEDING THROUGH bassist Ryan Wombacher. Said Jones said of the band's new additions: "After a period of being so intensely creative writing and recording the album, it's exciting to finally take it out on the road. "It's great to have the two new guys. "Roy is a great fit. "Ryan and I have played tons of shows together in BLEEDING THROUGH and KILLSWITCH and have known each other for years." DEVIL YOU KNOW made its live debut on February 15 at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California. The group also took part in the 2014 edition of Australia's Soundwave Festival. DEVIL YOU KNOW was born out of Artusato and Sankey's creative quest to stretch beyond their extreme metal backgrounds. The two had written over a dozen songs before even attempting to lock down a singer. "We were unsure if Howard would be interested," said Sankey." Yet, when KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's former frontman received the material, a creative ideal began to solidify. Finally connecting in Los Angeles during the last months of 2012, a highly distinctive sound began to become apparent. "It turned from bare-bones musical ideas into something that surpassed any of our expectations," said Jones. "It went from something we thought was going to be a fun, heavy project into something very real." It was during a recording session at the start of 2013 with producer and former MACHINE HEAD and SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader that DEVIL YOU KNOW's ideas began to alchemize into something none of the bands members would ever expect. "It became a departure from what I'm known for," said Artusato. "I wasn't focusing on technical guitar parts (even though I still love that aspect of writing) but simply on writing what felt best for each individual song." The writing and recording process for DEVIL YOU KNOW's debut album "was surprisingly easy," stated Artusato. "When we get together it just works." The band is also quick to sum up the studio vibe with producer Mader as "intensely creative," said Sankey. "Logan definitely helped us realize and define the DEVIL YOU KNOW sound." Jones agreed: "He went from producer, to unsung member, to friend." "It's a different style of music for me," said Jones of DEVIL YOU KNOW's unique sound. "It's heavy as anything any of us are known for but I get to do some different things people won't expect. I've been singing almost all my life. Being around good songwriters and musicians in my former bands really helped mold me into who I am now." Interview: "Seven Years Alone" video:

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Featuring SOILWORK, ARCH ENEMY Members: Helsingborg Concert Footage

8 hours 1 min ago
Fan-filmed video footage of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA — the new classic-rock band featuring Björn Strid (SOILWORK) and Sharlee D' Angelo (ARCH ENEMY, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS) — perfoming on March 29 at the A World Of Music Festival at The Tivoli in Helsingborg, Sweden can be seen below. THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA's debut album, "Internal Affairs", was released in June 2012 via Coroner Records. THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA started like so many others as an innocent yet serious drunken idea when Strid and David Andersson (MEAN STREAK, session musician for SOILWORK) were on the road together somewhere in North America in 2007. Björn and David were bonding over what they considered "classic" or not, from rock and roll conspiracies to being arrested in a lobby with nothing but leather pants on. All those scenarios, fictional or real, needed a soundtrack. They also came to think that whether you're on a metal tour or not, a lot of classic rock songs say it all and can really lend you a helping hand and make you forget about everything, especially when in motion or travelling. The classic escape. The never-ending road trip. The transatlantic night flight. It may sound simple and naive, but what it all comes down to is that we all need that soundtrack to feel extra special, whether you have been arrested in a lobby or not. It didn't take long before bass player D' Angelo joined forces as well as keyboard player Richard Larsson (VON BENZO) and drummer Jonas Källsbäck (MEAN STREAK). The goal was to reclaim the '70s/early '80s sense for classic melody, the forgotten recipe to a timeless song, preferably a song mentioning a city, street name or an exhilarating alcoholic beverage. Anything that will have you spitting out the word "classic." From "Tarot Woman" to "Badlands", from "Rhiannon" to "Running on Empty", from "Blind Man" to "Night Moves", from "Deuce" to "Separate Ways", from "Elected" to "Set me Free". The list goes on. It's all about reclaiming the "classic." THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA made its live debut in August, 2013 at Dina-scenen in Lidköping, Sweden. THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA is: Björn "Speed" Strid (SOILWORK) - Vocals David Andersson (SOILWORK) - Guitar Sharlee D'Angelo (ARCH ENEMY) - Bass Richard Larsson - Keyboards Jonas Källsbäck - Drums

SEBASTIAN BACH Talks To About 'Give 'Em Hell' Album (Audio)

8 hours 13 min ago
On April 16, John Doan of conducted an interview with former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach. You can now listen to the chat at this location. Bach's new solo album, "Give 'Em Hell", will be released on April 22 via Frontiers Records. The follow-up to 2011's "Kicking & Screaming" was once again produced by Bob Marlette, who has previously worked with ROB ZOMBIE, BLACK SABBATH and SHINEDOWN, among others. The video for the CD's first single, "Temptation", can be seen below. The clip was directed by Patrick Fogarty, who has previously worked with BLACK VEIL BRIDES, PICTURE ME BROKEN and THE BURNING OF ROME. Of the new album, Sebastian Bach enthused: "I could not be more proud of the new CD, 'Give 'Em Hell'. As a rock music fan myself, I listen to it every single day. As a musician, I honestly feel like I have reached a new level of album recording. As an audiophile, I could not be more blown away by the sound! The production and mastering sound so good that it's perfect to show off your high-end stereo system. "Ever since my first record, 'Skid Row', on through 'Slave To The Grind' up to 'Kicking & Screaming' and 'Angel Down', I have always been concerned, first and foremost, with making quality records for my fans. And I can honestly say that 'Give 'Em Hell' meets or even exceeds the standards set by some of the records I have put out in the past. "I can't wait for you all to hear this record! Let's 'Give 'Em Hell' in 2014, mothertruckers!" Fans who pre-order from iTunes will be able to get the first taste of new music as the pre-order includes an instant download of the song "Hell Inside My Head", a classic loud and heavy rocker from Bach. "Give 'Em Hell" was mastered at Precision Mastering in Los Angeles with Tom Baker. Sebastian managed to involve in the writing and recording some very special friends and guest stars, including none other than Duff McKagan (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N' ROSES), and not one but two top-class guitar players: John 5 (MARILYN MANSON, ROB ZOMBIE) and Steve Stevens (BILLY IDOL). Rounding out the lineup on the CD are Devin Bronson (AVRIL LAVIGNE, PINK) on guitar and Bobby Jarzombek (HALFORD, RIOT, FATES WARNING) on drums. Duff and Sebastian previously collaborated on Duff's solo album "Believe In Me". The cover for "Give 'Em Hell" (see below) was once again handled by Richard Villa, who worked on "Kicking & Screaming". Incorporated into the album design is one of the paintings by Sebastian's late father David Bierk, who painted the artwork for SKID ROW's "Slave To The Grind", inside artwork for SKID ROW's "Subhuman Race", and Bach's solo albums "Angel Down" and "Bring 'Em Bach Alive!". "Give 'Em Hell" track listing: 01. Hell Inside My Head 02. Harmony 03. All My Friends Are Dead 04. Temptation 05. Push Away 06. Dominator 07. Had Enough 08. Gun To A Knife Fight 09. Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game 10. Taking Back Tomorrow 11. Disengaged 12. Forget You Bach previously stated about "Give 'Em Hell": "We have captured some kick-ass rock and roll magic and producer par excellence Bob Marlette is the wizard behind the board. "It is such an awesome feeling to be able to say to the planet if you like the music I have put out before, I can guarantee you will dig this one! I cannot stop listening to it and that is the whole intention. "For those of you who dig my high crazy-ass screams of the other records, well, I am proud to say this new disc features all the ranges and textures I have been known for, clean soaring melodic ballads and blood-curdling death screams from hell." "Taking Back Tomorrow" lyric video: "Give 'Em Hell" EPK: "Temptation" video:

RIVAL SONS: 'Open My Eyes' Track Available For Streaming

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Long Beach, California's RIVAL SONS has released a brand new track from the band's forthcoming album, "Great Western Valkyrie". "Open My Eyes" is available immediately for everyone who pre-orders the album on iTunes, along with a previously released song, "Electric Man". Another new cut, "Good Things", will be available for instant grat download on May 17. The iTunes version of the album also includes five exclusive bonus tracks which are available only to those who pre-order the album, and will not be available after release date. The "Open My Eyes" song and commentary are available below. "Great Western Valkyrie" will be released on June 10 in the USA (one day earlier internationally). The CD was recorded with producer Dave Cobb at LCS Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Comments RIVAL SONS frontman Jay Buchanan: "Every time we set out to make a record, the experience ends up being some of the old and some of the new. Same studio, same town, same on-spot writing/recording process with the same guys. Actually, not the same guys; we have a new bass player in Dave Beste, and we had my buddy Ikey Owens (THE MARS VOLTA, JACK WHITE) throw down some craziness on keys while he was in town. "I'd like to think we became a little bit more of ourselves making this record and that the selection of influences has broadened a bit. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Miley during the recording; I believe his playing on this record is his most lyrical and musical yet and that's probably a direct reflection of Beste's fresh blood in the mix. "Speaking of Beste, whoa. Thunder from his hands all over this album. "I think Scott really expanded his approach in these songs and you can definitely hear it in the moodier tracks, while on the hot tracks you can hear him forcing his aviary of Firebirds to drink moonshine. Dangerous. "There are some serious house burners on 'Great Western Valkyrie' but there are also a couple where thesis dictated more subtlety from the arrangement. "My performance? I think it's more of the same on my end, but Cobb did tell me that my finest performances were given in these sessions, but what the fuck does he know? "They say the truth is in the taste — I'd say this record is the filthy magazine hidden in the hymnal." "Great Western Valkyrie" is available to pre-order now on digi-sleeve CD and limited-edition coloured vinyl, as well as an ultra-limited box set including the following: * Double LP on limited clear vinyl with etched fourth side * Signed band photo insert * Custom vinyl slipmat * 5-bonus-track CD * Album cover t-shirt * Woven throw blanket * Album presentation box An "Great Western Valkyrie" audio preview is available below.

TESLA To Release 'Simplicity' Album In June

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Frontiers Records will release TESLA's brand new studio album, "Simplicity", on June 6 in Europe. The Sacramento rockers are back with 14 new songs offering a ride of energy that doesn't come easy for a band of rookies much less a band whose been doing this for over 20 years. "Simplicity" is TESLA's seventh all-original studio album which follows a six-year creative break from the release of the previous album, "Forever More". After a string of shows in the USA in 2013, the band went back into the studio in early 2014 and came out with a new album, which goes straight back to the TESLA roots. The bandmembers produced it themselves, as they did with "Into The Now", their successful comeback effort from 2004. Helped by the legendary Tom Zutaut, who was the man behind the best TESLA albums, this new CD rocks from start to finish, showing a variety of emotions where each song has its own twist — not sounding like another. The first new song off the new album, "Taste My Pain", was released last summer digitally via iTunes and Amazon. The track was recorded during a two-day (June 5-6, 2013) session at J Street Recorders in Sacramento. The new song is, according to the band, "A heavier song with a hard-driving beat and TESLA trademark blazing guitars." Guitarist Frank Hannon says about "Simplicity": "I must say that this new TESLA album is really gonna be awesome. We went in more prepared with the songs and ideas way more than 'Forever More', and the style is pure TESLA back to our roots. I truly believe you guys are gonna love it!" "The opening track is called 'MP3'," continues Hannon, "and starts off with an opus intro that orchestrates into a heavy slow groove with lyrics about technology and how we miss simplicity, vinyl albums, family values...and has a heavy-ass riff! Then we segue into a rock and roll song called 'Ricochet' that talks about Uncle Ted... [I] can't wait to play this stuff live!” "Simplicity" (European version) track listing: 01. MP3 02. Ricochet 03. Rise And Fall 04. So Divine... 05. Cross My Heart 06. Honestly 07. Flip Side! 08. Other Than Me 09. Break Of Dawn 10. Burnout To Fade 11. Life Is A River 12. Sympathy 13. Time Bomb 14. 'Til That Day 15. Burnout To Fade (writing demo version) * "Simplicity" was mixed by legendary producer Michael Wagener (SKID ROW, OZZY OSBOURNE, METALLICA, DOKKEN, ACCEPT, MÖTLEY CRÜE, WHITE LION, EXTREME, POISON, MEGADETH, OVERKILL, TESTAMENT). * Bonus track TESLA is: Jeff Keith: Lead Vocals Frank Hannon: Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Bass Brian Wheat: Bass, Vocals, Piano Troy Luccketta: Drums and Percussion Dave Rude: Guitars, Vocals, Bass


9 hours 31 min ago
New rock supergroup SOMETHING UNTO NOTHING (S.U.N.) — featuring multi-platinum Canadian vocalist and Juno Award winner Sass Jordan, with Brian Tichy (WHITESNAKE, BILLY IDOL, FOREIGNER, OZZY OSBOURNE) on guitar, Michael Devin (WHITESNAKE, KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD) on bass and Tommy Stewart (GODSMACK, LO PRO, EVERCLEAR, FUEL) on drums — has released a follow-up single and video for the "Nomad (Rock Radio Edit)", along with three new songs on Robo Records, wherever digital music is sold. The "Nomad" EP features a new "rock radio" version of the single "Nomad". James Wood of raved about the music, calling it "reminiscent of the classic big album sounds of the 1970s. It's raw, real music from the days when records were played on a turntable and cranked up to 10." The EP also features two stunning cover songs of core classic rock artists, the Neil Young classic "Hey Hey My My" and a live acoustic guitar version of Paul McCartney's monster piano ballad "Maybe I'm Amazed", "one of the best songs ever written," according to Tichy and Jordan. The other new song on the EP is the explosive "Going Going Gone". Tichy describes it as "all melody and power chords. It's old JOURNEY meets Joe Walsh." He adds: "And the snare drum sounds killer!" S.U.N. released its debut album, "Something Unto Nothing", to rave reviews in 2013 and is currently working on its sophomore release. "We've already completed about six songs, but have decided to release this EP in the meantime due to popular demand," says Jordan. The members of S.U.N. are grateful for all the support and positive feedback. "All of us in S.U.N. are psyched the album and new EP are both available in stores and that we have been getting great reviews from the media and fans alike," says Brian. "You would have thought we were paying people to write this stuff! I had to ask Sass if she was mailing out checks for all these great words of support and high accolades!" "Nomad" EP track listing: 01. Nomad (Rock Radio Edit) 02. Hey Hey My My (Into The Black) 03. Going Going Gone 04. Maybe I'm Amazed (Sass Jordan & Brian Tichy - Live Acoustic Stomp)


9 hours 53 min ago
Terry "Beez" Bezer of Download Festival's official TV show "The Lowdown" recently conducted an interview with guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz and vocalist Jesse Leach of Massachusetts metallers KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. You can now watch the chat below. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's fifth studio album, "Disarm The Descent", sold around 48,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 7 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on April 2, 2013 via Roadrunner Records. "Disarm The Descent" is KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's first album with original singer Jesse Leach at the vocal helm since 2002's now-classic, genre-defining "Alive or Just Breathing". Leach returned to the band in January 2012 after a decade-long absence. The artwork for the new CD was created by Mike D'Antonio. In an interview with ARTISTdirect, Leach stated about "Disarm The Descent": "Mike D'Antonio thought up the title 'Disarm The Descent' even before I started writing. He approached me with a concept. Initially, it was 'Disarming The Descent'. After some discussion with him, I said, 'Let's just shorten it up.' I thought it was a great title. We talked about it a bit, and I wrote that at the top of the page and began writing notes from there. It's kind of a concept record." He added: "[The title is] a creative way of saying 'redemption' or rising again. You're in a state of your life where you're approaching rock bottom and you find a way to pick yourself up again before you hit the floor." Asked about his lyrical approach on "Disarm The Descent", Leach said: "This album is very different from anything I've written. That comes from trying to develop as a write over the year. I have a project called THE EMPIRE SHALL FALL. The last EP we put out was a total concept record where I wrote a short story and we made an album about it. It's broken down into three parts, and we finished one of the three. It's a continuing story that will tell a story from start to finish, word for word. I thought it was a cool idea because I'd never written that way. I mixed that idea with my own introspective and cathartic lyrics I did with TIMES OF GRACE. It's a culmination of the writing I've done over the years. I wanted to find a way to blend it all together. Vocally, I'm trying to come up with different sounds of my voice and mix the screaming and yelling. I made an effort to push myself with the writing and vocals."

Video: PAUL STANLEY Signs Copies Of 'Face the Music: A Life Exposed' In Staten Island

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New York Rocks TV host/producer Phil Fiumano has uploaded video footage of KISS guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley's April 8 appearance at Barnes & Noble in Staten Island, New York for a signing session of Stanley's new memoir, "Face the Music: A Life Exposed". Check out the report below. It was Stanley's second visit to the store. In September, Stanley and KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons were there for a book signing that drew 1,000 fans to the New Springville site. "Face The Music: A Life Exposed" was released on April 8 via HarperOne The 432-page hardcover features rare photographs of the legendary rocker and details his hard-partying lifestyle as one of the co-founders of the heavy rock band who has sold over eighty million albums and performed more than two thousand shows around the world. Well known for his onstage persona, the "Starchild", Paul Stanley has written a memoir with a gripping blend of personal revelations and gritty war stories about the highs and lows both inside and outside of KISS. Born with a condition called microtia (an ear deformity rendering him deaf on the right side), Stanley's traumatic childhood experiences produced an inner drive to succeed in the most unlikely of places: music. Taking readers through the series of events that led to the founding of KISS, the personal relationships that helped shape his life, and the turbulent dynamics among his bandmates over the past forty years, this book leaves no one unscathed — including Stanley himself. With never-before-seen photos and images throughout, "Face The Music" is a colorful portrait of a man and the band he helped create, define, and sustain — made larger than life in artfully told stories that are shocking, funny, inspirational, and honest. Stanley explained to The Pulse Of Radio that if his book was going to follow the pattern of some of the other books he's read, he would've passed on writing it all together. "I think I took a tact different than a lot of these books," he said. "Y'know, rock n' roll autobiographies tend to be a love letter — to the author. And they tend to be about how smart and creative and how this person was responsible for the creation of the world. And if that were the tact for the book, I never would've written the book." In "Face The Music", Stanley talks frankly about his early struggles with hearing — he was born with Level 3 Microtia and is deaf in his right ear. Microtia is a congenital deformity of the cartilage of the outer ear that can affect normal hearing. Stanley, who grew up half-deaf and scarred with a deformed right ear, explained to The Pulse Of Radio that by touching upon the more difficult episodes in his life, he's not seeking sympathy from the reader, but simply highlighting the path into who he became. "Y'know, my book is about my life starting from the very beginning and certainly a certain amount of adversity and having a birth defect and being deaf on one side and the family that I came from," he said. "Certainly people have had more adversity in their lives — and some less — but I, I would think some people would get a certain amount of inspiration and a sense that positivity and belief in yourself will ultimately lead you to a great place."


10 hours 41 min ago
Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH, BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, CALIFORNIA BREED), Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN), Ian Paice (DEEP PURPLE), Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE, OZZY OSBOURNE, RAINBOW), Rick Wakeman (YES), and Micky Moody (WHITESNAKE) are among the musicians who celebrated late DEEP PURPLE keyboardist Jon Lord's life and music at a special concert on April 4 at London, England's Royal Albert Hall. Hughes was joined on stage by Dickinson for both "You Keep On Moving" and a storming "Burn" with a mesmerizing keyboard solo from Wakeman, followed by Hughes alone backed by an orchestra for a roof-raising vocal delivery on "This Time Around". Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be seen below. Jon Lord died on July 16, 2012 at age 71 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Lord, who was known for his keyboard virtuosity and his reinvention of the Hammond B-3 organ sound, co-wrote such PURPLE classics as "Smoke On The Water" and "Child In Time", among others. Lord and drummer Ian Paice were the only original members to last through the band's initial run from 1968 to 1976. He was on board for their 1984 reunion and stayed on through to his 2002 retirement from the band, after which he's worked primarily in the classical field. Over the course of his career, Lord also worked with the ARTWOODS, FLOWER POT MEN, PAICE, ASHTON AND LORD, WHITESNAKE and good friend and neighbor, George Harrison. In an interview with Peter Makowski, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich stated about Jon Lord: "I'm not sure that the people in today's hard rock world really truly understand how innovative this guy was. He wasn't just another keyboard player on the side of the stage. In '66/'67, when Hendrix, Townshend and Ritchie Blackmore were taking the electric guitar to a new level, by using banks of Marshall stacks beefing up the sound, Jon Lord was one of the first guys in hard rock to take the keyboards through the same process. He took a fairly standard instrument like a Hammond organ put it through amplifiers and Leslie cabinets and introduced a whole new way of forcing the sound out of the keyboards. "Ritchie Blackmore said the other day that Jon formed DEEP PURPLE; he was certainly the instigator that made things happen. If not the musical leader, Jon was the spiritual leader of the band. He was a pioneer, and I think that somehow that's gotten a little lost in the last few [months]. People are talking about, obviously, what a gentleman he was and what a fantastic band member but he really did something nobody had done before with the sound of the keyboards and I think that's probably the biggest thing to remember him for."

KORN Drummer RAY LUZIER Mourns Late Touring Guitarist SHANE GIBSON

11 hours 5 min ago
KORN drummer Ray Luzier (pictured) has posted a comment regarding the death of Shane Gibson, a former touring guitarist with the group who passed away from a blood clotting disorder on Tuesday (April 15) at the age of 35. Luzier wrote on his Instagram: "Death is so strange and the timing of it is never right. I'm still in disbelief that we lost Shane Gibson [three] days ago. You were way too young to leave this planet. You were one of the most talented, funniest and caring people I've ever known. I'm honored to have shared the stage and travel many places with you for so many years. My heart goes out to the family and friends that you've touched in your short life. You will truly be missed and never forgotten. RIP ENAHS." The other members of KORN have issued separate comments regarding Gibson's passing. The band released a statement saying, "Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shane Gibson's friends, fans and family following the passing of our dear friend. Shane Gibson was KORN's touring guitarist from 2007 to 2010 and a member of (singer) Jonathan Davis' solo band, THE SFA'S. He will be greatly missed." Gibson, who was most recently a member of a band called STORK, was one of several guitarists who toured with KORN during the eight-year absence of Brian "Head" Welch. Welch, who rejoined the group last year, said online, "I've never had the pleasure of meeting Shane, but I'm honored he was able to fill my spot after I left KORN. He was an amazing guitarist. Hopefully we can jam together in the next life. RIP, brother." KORN guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer added, "Shane Gibson, you were an amazing guitar player and an amazing person. Your kindness and talent will be missed. I'm very fortunate to have known you." KORN and AVENGED SEVENFOLD will co-headline this year's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, which kicks off its annual run on Saturday, July 5 in Devore, California, wrapping up on August 10 in The Woodlands, Texas.

LOUDBLAST: New Song 'A Bloody Oath' Available For Streaming

11 hours 19 min ago
"A Bloody Oath", a brand new song from French death metal veterans LOUDBLAST, can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band's new album, "Burial Ground", which will be released in Europe on April 28 and the U.S. on June 10 via Listenable. Three years ago, the "Frozen Moments Between Life And Death" CD proved to be LOUDBLAST's boldest move, recharged by the arrival of youngsters Alex Lenormand (bass, ex-LOCUS, CODE, SIC) and Drakhian (lead guitar, GRIFFAR, ex-TAAKE, BLACK DEMENTIA), guitaarits/vocalist Stéphane Buriez and his longtime drummer Hervé Coquerel threw all the rules out of the window without turning their backs on their roots. The result of eighteen months of hard work, "Burial Ground" goes even further. A solid mix of classic old school reminiscent of early DEATH and CELTIC FROST and modern influences with a massive production and dark feel, it also dares transgressing their traditional thrash/death style of yore to achieve a much more malign yet as catchy sound. The "Burial Ground" cover art was created by Will Kuberski of Worthless Endeavors, who also painted the INCANTATION "Vanquish In Vengeance" cover. LOUDBLAST is: Vocals/Guitar: Stéphane Buriez Guitars: Drakhian Bass: Alexandre Lenormand Drums: Hervé Coquerel Photo credit: Anthony Dubois

ILLDISPOSED: 'With The Lost Souls On Our Side' Track Listing Revealed

11 hours 25 min ago
Danish extreme metallers ILLDISPOSED will release their new album, "With The Lost Souls On Our Side", on June 27 via Massacre Records. The cover artwork was created by Lasse Hoile (PORCUPINE TREE, BLACKFIELD, STEVEN WILSON) and can be seen below. "With The Lost Souls On Our Side" track listing: 01. Going Down 02. The Way We Choose 03. Light In The Dark 04. I Am What I Am 05. Tugging At Your Heart 06. A Dreaded Pursuer 07. To Be Dealt With 08. On A Clouded Morning 09. No More Devil To Show 10. The Plan 11. Life Equals Zero (limited digipak bonus track) 12. Reversed (limited digipak bonus track) The bonus tracks are re-recorded versions of songs that originally appeared on ILLDISPOSED's1992 album, "Four Depressive Seasons". ILLDISPOSED last fall announced the addition of drummer Kim Langkjaer Jensen (KOLDBORN, ex-DAWN OF DEMISE) to the group's ranks. Thomas Jensen announced his departure from ILLDISPOSED on October 5, 2013. The band explained in a statement that Thomas "lost his motivation to go on." ILLDISPOSED's last album, "Sense The Darkness", entered the official chart in Denmark at position No. 78. Released on September 21, 2012 via Massacre Records, the CD was recorded at Antfarm Studio in Aabyhøj, Denmark with producer Tue Madsen (MOONSPELL, DARK TRANQUILLITY, GOREFEST, SICK OF IT ALL). The artwork was created by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie.

EDGUY: Entire 'Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown' Album Available For Streaming

11 hours 29 min ago
"Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown", the tenth studio album from German melodic metallers EDGUY, can be streamed in its entirety using the SoundCloud widget below. The effort will be released on April 18 via Nuclear Blast. In addition to the regular CD edition, the follow-up to 2011's "Age Of The Joker" will be made available as a limited digibook containing two CDs. Also available will be a strictly limited hardcover earbook collectors' edition (28.5x28.5cm) containing the two discs, a photographic history with more than 130 photos from the band's archive, liner notes, touring history, and more. In a recent interview with RockRevolt magazine, Sammet stated about the making of "Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown": "I had been doing this huge tour with my all-star project AVANTASIA, playing three continents with a 12-piece band. When I came back [home] in August 2013, it just felt great to get back in the studio and write something to the point. No sophisticated TRANS-SIBERIAN-esque rock opera with conceptual stuff and guest vocals; I just wanted to produce a high-velocity heavy metal album with my bandmates. I guess the starvation for that turned the album into the monster it has become. It is so fresh, so heavy, so anthemic, the playing and production are outstanding, I guess it was because we forced a very tight schedule upon us, so we didn't have too much time to doubt, second-guess or fix things that didn't need to be retouched." He added: "I really love the album; it's got so many beautiful details, so many smart elements, but down the line, it comes over you like a tank. I love it, and yes, I knew if we'd channel our skills, we could come up with something. This band has been existing for more than 22 years, and we still haven't reached our peak in a creative way." "Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown" track listing: 01. Sabre & Torch 02. Space Police 03. Defenders Of The Crown 04. Love Tyger 05. The Realms Of Baba Yaga 06. Rock Me Amadeus 07. Do Me Like A Caveman 08. Shadow Eaters 09. Alone In Myself 10. The Eternal Wayfarer Bonus disc track listing: 01. England 02. Aychim In Hysteria 03. Space Police (progressive version) 04. Space Police (instrumental version) 05. Love Tyger (instrumental version) 06. Defenders Of The Crown (instrumental version) 07. Do Me Like A Caveman (instrumental version) "Love Tyger" video: "Sabre & Torch" lyric video: Limited-edition artwork: Standard-edition artwork:


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According to The Pulse Of Radio, NIRVANA members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic have spoken with Rolling Stone about the band's performances during and after their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction last Thursday (April 10), which featured a series of mostly female singers standing in for late frontman Kurt Cobain. Grohl revealed, "We didn't even start talking about playing until about eight weeks ago. It just seemed practically impossible. It was hard to imagine jumping onstage and playing those songs. It takes a little bit of musical preparation, and a lot of emotional preparation." Although they reached out to a number of singers, Joan Jett was the first to sign on. Grohl said, "She took it on like it was her calling . . . She learned every song on 'Nevermind'. She's everything that NIRVANA stood for. She's a powerful, rebellious, musical force of nature. We couldn't think of anyone better to join us." Once Jett was involved, the other members realized that the singers at the induction had to be "all women," with Grohl explaining, "It also added a whole other dimension to the show. It added substance and depth, so it didn't turn into a eulogy. It was more about the future." In addition to Jett, the band was joined by SONIC YOUTH's Kim Gordon, St. Vincent and Lorde, with Grohl saying that each woman represented a different era of rock. The biggest surprise of the night, however, was Grohl's onstage embrace with Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, with whom he has had a longstanding feud. Grohl said about the moment, "We're family, no matter what. And we all love each other, no matter what. It's a lot bigger than a paragraph or a picture. It's real. So it was a reunion, and we were there for Kurt. It was a beautiful night. It was good." The induction was followed by a 19-song show at a tiny bar in Brooklyn, featuring Jett, St. Vincent, Gordon, DEER TICK's John McCauley and DINOSAUR JR.'s J. Mascis. That show was filmed and Grohl has that footage, but it's not clear whether it will be made public any time soon. As for any future NIRVANA reunions, Novoselic said, "You never say never now. We did it. I sure won't say no. Maybe we can even do some new music one day." Grohl responded, "We haven't even talked about it. We looked at that evening as a night that may never happen again. That's what made it so powerful and beautiful and meaningful."

Badlands - CAGE THE GODS

16 hours 11 min ago
From across the pond comes a British, Irish, Scot and Welsh union with a strong urge to rock out, mostly American style. These lads' ancestors probably could never have fathomed such a merger, but CAGE THE GODS have a common affinity for melodic blues and hard rock that transcends any carryover territorial divisions. Following their "Favourite Sin" EP comes CAGE THE GODS' debut full-length, "Badlands", an album with energy and flair on its side if not much in the originality department. This at least spells a good time for party animals, workout addicts and rockers who prefer things simple. Citing AC/DC, BON JOVI and GUNS N' ROSES as primary influences, "Badlands" sounds more like an amalgam of BLACK CROWES, TESLA, BUCKCHERRY and at-times, modern proto rock. The amusing "Bruce Willis" does carry a note-picking swagger and heady hum like AC/DC, but for the most part, "Badlands" is not too far off from the ill-fated hard rock band of the same name once led by Jake E. Lee. The up-tempo ballad "Falling" is sure to pull on a few heartstrings of the ladies within Peter Comerford's projection. Comerford has all the confidence and ranges needed to fuel CAGE THE GODS, considering their song structures are often repetitive and reliant upon dense chord chuffs between "The Ending", "Sacrifice", "One More Taste" and even the bonus track, "Wakeup". To the good, however, the songs are focused and rhythmic and Comerfield sounds major league overtop them. For that matter, guitarist Jam is a superstar in the making, throwing down an intricate sequence of notes and fades through the finale of "One More Taste", while weaving a tasty twelve-string acoustic and scorching electric solo on the album's other ballad, "What's Left of Me". Jam's sprinkling guitar lines on the verses of "Promises" are reminiscent of The Edge and even the song's vibrating drive feels like long-ago U2 until the distortion pedals are stamped upon the socked-out choruses. The closing bars of "A Thousand Times" is one of the more inspired moments of the album as Peter Comerford implores "save me, stop waiting, save me from myself" after singing about sellouts and barely hanging on through endless aspiration, a recurring lyrical theme on the album. His appealing pipes nearly overshadow the inherent despair and implied self-destruction on "Badlands", but true to the spirit of a good frontman, Comerford sells the whole thing like a well-sung rock 'n' roll ringmaster. There's plenty of oomph and talent in this band to give them a listen regardless of the numerous comparables that come up while spinning "Badlands". The dressed-up acoustic version of "Sacrifice" is spiffy and Mitch Witham and Colin Jones make a solid rhythm section that gives this band its pulse. In the Eighties, CAGE THE GODS would've been a guaranteed hit, but their devotion as younger gen throwback rock party hosts is merely a curiosity in today's jaded market.

Redefined Mayhem - HOLY MOSES

16 hours 13 min ago
Doro Pesch has rightly earned her sustained crown as The Queen of Metal, yet never make the mistake of discounting Sabina Classen. Well before thrash broke out of Germany and the American West Coast, Classen was on the scene, joining HOLY MOSES in 1981. Though the truly defined thrash element of the band came in the middle of the decade with the "Queen of Siam", "Finished With the Dogs" and "The New Machine of Liechtenstein" albums, Classen deserves her own dome crest as one metal's first and fiercest lady vocalists. As fellow countrymen KREATOR, SODOM, HELLOWEEN, DESTRUCTION, GRAVE DIGGER and BLIND GUARDIAN were helping to usher thrash from a harsher style of playing (the exception being HELLOWEEN), Sabina Classen paid her dues with HOLY MOSES and has only received her proper due in the past decade. As the lone remnant to a band that has had enough personnel to warrant a roster handbook, Classen and HOLY MOSES return with their first album in six years (and now as a quartet following the recent departure of guitarist Ollie Jaath), "Redefined Mayhem". Surviving from 2008's "Agony of Death" is bassist and creative collaborator Thomas Neitsch, who also serves as producer of the new album. Joining HOLY MOSES three years ago was drummer Gerd Lucking and in 2012, guitarist Peter Geltat. Sabina herself describes the new band lineup as "HOLY MOSES Mark 2014", and there's good reason for her to note the occasion of this lineup. DEEP PURPLE Mark IV this is not, but it is pretty damned good. "Redefined Mayhem" is not just a standout album for HOLY MOSES, but for thrash in the metal revival. As ever, the slowdowns come incrementally on this album and even in mid-tempo modes, there are loads of underlying trip hammers and omnipresent shredding. Younger, fresher bodies withstand the stamina required from this band and "Redefined Mayhem", with Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED, DARK TRANQUILLITY) applying the final mixes and masters, is one of the most precise albums in the band's history. Sabina Classen's esophagus has every right to betray her after thirty-three years of being gored, but she's well on her game as ever, mincing between witch shrieks and femme demon ralphs that continue to stand up to any of her contemporaries, pick your decade. It's fascinating hearing her rip through the blitzing hustle of "Hellhound" and "Triggered" and the fixed crush of "Undead Dogs", while all but outright puking over the steady pound of "Delusion". If you're an aspirant metal screamer (male or female), here's a great mentor to study, especially now that Angela Gossow has stepped down from ARCH ENEMY. HOLY MOSES' current recruits prove themselves well worthy. There's no tempo line Gerd Lucking doesn't sound comfortable with and his transitions and fills are superb. He manages to keep "Whet the Knife" exciting and suspicious of breakout even when it stays at a minimum pace for much of the verses before picking up steam on the choruses. Lucking lays down tons of frenzied bass pedal antics here, and of course on all of the straightforward thrashers. "One Step Ahead of Death" may never really rocket, but Lucking does keep a feverish throb to what equates into a standard power metal jam with yowling vocals. The guitar solos (assumedly shared between Peter Geltat and Ollie Jaath) are resourceful, if slightly raw in spots. However, once the climaxes of the solos are struck and the blazing melodies are slung at hip's edge next to Thomas Neitsch, they become a stout reason why "Redefined Mayhem" succeeds. Considering Geltat will be carrying the lead burden from this point forward, it should be telling of his future prowess. There's always a reason to celebrate the release of a HOLY MOSES record, and the party is thrown by the silly-brutal and intentionally cracked 1:17 bonus track, "This Dirt". Not every band carrying its brand for so long has had to fight so hard for respect, but Sabina Classen is a freak of nature and she has the guns in her Mark 2014 arsenal to show why HOLY MOSES still matters.

Beautiful and Treacherous - DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS

16 hours 18 min ago
Vegas prog quartet DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS proves that instrumental music is more affecting in the hands of a collective, not necessarily a lone gun. What's gotten boring about modern prog, specifically prog metal, is the subscription that chops, theory and multi-instrument proficiency are all what's needed to create it. Hence the plague of individual artists who do sometimes decent, mostly fair-to-midland albums filled with hyper, scales-driven flash and little glue. Even Steve Vai and Frank Zappa had the smarts to surround themselves with extra talent to help do their music justice. It's refreshing that each member of DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS sounds like Julliard or Peabody alumni, which gives their second album "Beautiful and Treacherous" the excuse to spin it more than a few times. Really, the only thing in these guys' way is a tendency for repetition in their work, but the execution DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS serves to their audience is impeccable and that says a great deal about them. Plus, they really know how to work a cover tune. For the metalhead savant, DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS takes a ride back to Eighties power metal on "Winterfell", only they decorate their galloping tempo with tied-down neoclassical lines from Andy Heilman and Darrin Pappa. Drummer Matt Muntean is a total maniac on this song as he is everywhere on "Beautiful and Treacherous". While each component of DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS is extremely talented, Muntean is the best of the gifted lot. His rolls coincide with his flailing triplicates on "Winterfell" and he dishes a cymbal ride bonanza that'll have horns flickering from anyone encountering this song. Later, "The Tower" erupts multiple times on the brink of rolling fusion guitar and bass lines, charging forward with climaxing metallic outbursts and then clever jerk-backs into mid-tempo Latin grooves. The slammed-down thrash section within the final minutes of "The Tower" is a freaking blast, ditto for the heavier sections of "Queenshead" that boom all over the place on the heels of prog and yes, subliminal cha cha segments. The band's take on LED ZEPPELIN's "Kashmir" isn't so much a cover as it is a freestyle interpretation. They grab only the most familiar bits of the original including incrementally laying down the main riff for a few bars before integrating jazz, samba and later, metal in-between the acquainted sections of "Kashmir". On the first listen, it comes off a bit cheesy, to be honest, but repeated listens reveal the pretty impressive originality DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS throws into their version, including a cymbal-splashing gala from Matt Muntean and busy bass scales from Jimmy Pappa. "Wind Through the Trees", an instrumental ballad, gives Jimmy Pappa a chance to shine with exquisite strokes that become protected tastefully by Andy Heilman and Darrin Pappa's soothing melody. The song does hit agitated strides before drawing back into its comforting planes. "Ghost Troopers of the Sky" is another gutsy maneuver on the band's part, merging Stan Jones' country ode of old, "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend" with, of all things, IRON MAIDEN's "The Trooper". It is and isn't what you're expecting. It's best to leave this one to your imagination and discover if you're right. What can be said about "Ghost Troopers of the Sky" is that DINNER MUSIC FOR THE GODS have a ton of music smarts about them and it's wildly entertaining, just like the rest of this album. They may be officially underground at the moment, but any fan with a smidge of appreciation for effective, group-oriented prog ought to be checking these guys out.


16 hours 20 min ago
New York hardcore blasters TIGER FLOWERS have endeared themselves to their hometown heavies with a reputation for maniacal and deafening performances. Following their 2011 EP, the band releases their strategically messy and noisome debut full-length, "Dead Hymns". Apparently it's not enough for vocalist Sir Jesse James Madre, Esq. to reportedly wave his junk and nub-tuck (think of Jame Gumb in "Silence of the Lambs") himself onstage at TIGER FLOWERS gigs. He not only invites you to survey his nuts on "Dead Hymns", he demands you kiss them. Gives new, yucky meaning to the phrase, "balls-out", but that summarizes TIGER FLOWERS as a band, albeit G.G. Allin's nefarious shit eating antics far outdoes them on the transgression meter. Still, the point is made with TIGER FLOWERS' shock art tactics; they're trying to bring back the danger element to punk without committing coprophagia or tearing their craniums apart as self-inflicted bloodsport for their audiences. The chaotic opening songs "Batesian Mimicry", "Century Blues" and "Suicide Giants" tell all of the band's implied danger elements without resorting to outright nihilism. Broiling static and ear-killing distortion rails from Dean "Cooch" Landry all over the end of "Tectonics of Teeth" will do a number on you if you're not already decked by the first three songs. Aptly titled, because if you have a few fillings, they'll amplify and razz your nerve endings once Landry peels off his squelching feedback. Just in time for the band to pick up the pace on the minute-plus bangfest of "Cruisin' 'til the Wheels Fall Off", where Sir Jesse James Madre, Esq. mocks the American dream with rushing and skidding beat tears from Dan Miccio. Before you assume TIGER FLOWERS are playing strictly in chop 'n slop modes, the slow measures opening "The Road" erases all of those assumptions. Dean Landry tweaks his winding guitar lines through the prolonged instrumental intro to create a sense of aural inebriation behind the more punctuated melody. There's a smart methodology to the whole thing once the guitars are layered overtop Will "The Mexican Cowboy" Gomez's near-lackadaisical bass lines. By the time Sir Madre joins in with disarming clean croons, the song changes hand and the agitation by all four members swell with Madre picking up with outraged bellows and Landry and Gomez delivering peppered riffs, all leading to a monster finish. Gomez has the last say on "The Road", which ends up being one of "Dead Hymns"' finest songs. Back to the mayhem on "Patient Patient" and TIGER FLOWERS rattles their listeners a bit longer before giving them respite with the calming modes of "Riders". It's quite gentlemanly of these guys to give their audience a slight break at the end of the album since a break is well-needed. Nevertheless, this band is not for wussies. As loud and abrasive and "Dead Hymns" is, you're advised to either get on board or get the hell outta Dodge (or Brooklyn, in this case) if you can't handle them.

Drawers - DRAWERS

16 hours 22 min ago
The consensus analyzing French sludge disciples DRAWERS have unanimously cited this quintet to be chasing the heels of the mighty MASTODON, the "Remission" era, anyway. Permit me to endorse the consensus, even if comparing this album to "Remission" is like comparing any new death-thrash entrant to SLAYER's "Hell Awaits". The churning tones from this band are reminiscent of MASTODON 2002 even if the goofy facial collision on DRAWERS' self-titled album cover rings of late Eighties-to-mid-Nineties Cali punk. In other words, DRAWERS' American emulations are amusing and sound-wise, they do crank out some decibels, but as a musical statement, what's it all for? The opening three cuts "Once and For All", "Mourning" and "It's All About Love" are hardly "Crusher Destroyer", "March of the Fire Ants" and "Where Studies the Behemoth", but they'd sure like to be. You're either willing to hang with DRAWERS through their not-quite-there MASTODON impressions for fun or you're already heading for "Leviathan" without a second thought. To be fair, Laurent Bringer, Alexandre Berenguer and Jeremie Ruiz have their low-end distortion plugs and reeling top layers down just fine and mad bear growler Nicholas Bastide pulls off an okay Troy Sanders to recreate certain applicable effects, though Bastide goes overboard at times. Drummer Oliver Lolmede is hit and miss throughout the album, depending on how fast he's asked to play. Forget any comparisons to the impeccable Brann Dailor. On steady, mid-tempo lines, Lolmede is a crusher. It's when DRAWERS' would-be prog-sludge replications introduces black metal-kindred blast beats where Lolmede sounds off-kilter and clattery and these occur repetitively enough to downgrade many of the songs. They sound so out-of-place on "Mourning", for example, when you consider the rest of the song is played at a hefty march that the blast patterns almost seemed forced to appease a different demographic of metalhead. The strategy doesn't really work. On "It's All About Love", those blast beats are so sloppily executed they flush away the headstrong momentum of the song's otherwise catchy drive. "Bleak" fuses subversive alt-pop harmonies beneath the chugging globs of the song's chords and jerked-out feeds. However, the attempt at melodic interjection into the choruses of "Take Stock" backfires on DRAWERS altogether with not-so-hot clean vocals and a subsequent, seemingly embarrassed abandonment of those overtures. Fortunately, "Shadow Dancers" turns a dime on DRAWERS' main theme by throwing in two variant hardcore rhythms that let the instrumentation take over for the most part and they provide some of the album's most original sounds. Afterwards, "Words" and "Detour" glue everything DRAWERS seeks from themselves with their tightest and best lines and finally, their option to cram blast sequences into "Words" makes sense. The flurrying finale to "Words" gives no pause as "Detour" takes over with bare transition, and here on this couplet is where DRAWERS stands tallest within the considerable shadows of their heroes. There's no question DRAWERS are trying hard and they have the good taste to keep this album relegated to a half hour. Seeking to emulate one of the best in the business today is venerable only to the point it takes considerable talent to pull that off, and this band has guts for their undertaking. There are a few good cards for DRAWERS to play in their hand, but they have leaps and bounds over proverbial blood mountains before they're in MASTODON's league.