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BLACK EARTH Feat. Former And Current Members Of ARCH ENEMY: Video Of Osaka Concert

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BLACK EARTH — the new project featuring former and current members of ARCH ENEMY performing material from ARCH ENEMY's first three albums live on stage — kicked off its seven-date Japanese tour on May 17 in Tokyo. Fan-filmed video footage of BLACK EARTH's May 23 concert in Osaka can be seen below. BLACK EARTH's setlist for the Japanese tour was as follows: 01. Black Earth 02. The Immortal 03. Dead Inside 04. Pilgrim 05. Sinister Mephisto 06. Diva Satanica 07. Tears Of The Dead 08. Let The Killing Begin 09. Angelclaw 10. Bury Me An Angel 11. Dark Insanity 12. Eureka 13. Idolatress 14. Cosmic Retribution 15. Demoniality 16. Transmigration Macabre 17. Time Capsule 18. Fields Of Desolation Encore: 19. Aces High (IRON MAIDEN cover) 20. Beast Of Man 21. Silverwing 22. Bridge Of Destiny BLACK EARTH is: Michael Amott - guitar Christopher Amott - guitar Johan Liiva - vocals Daniel Erlandsson - drums Sharlee D'Angelo - bass Michael Amott told Kansai Scene about BLACK EARTH: "We thought it was a great idea to celebrate [the 20th] anniversary [of ARCH ENEMY's 'Black Earth' album] and the early years of ARCH ENEMY this way. Judging by the reactions we are getting from the Japanese fans, I think we have made the right decision to book these seven concerts across Japan." He added: "We [are] playing the debut ARCH ENEMY album, 'Black Earth', in its entirety, of course, as well as a cross-section of songs from the second and third albums, 'Stigmata' and 'Burning Bridges'…and dare I say some pretty cool surprises too!" Asked if BLACK EARTH is a short-term or long term-project and whether it will have any effect on the future of ARCH ENEMY, Michael said: "BLACK EARTH has no impact on the ARCH ENEMY schedule. ARCH ENEMY will return with a new studio album and world tour when the time is right. For now, BLACK EARTH is only existing for the Japan tour in May! I doubt that we will pursue this project any further after the tour. We are, however, all extremely excited to perform these special concert in Japan for the fans — it's going to be a unique and cool experience for both us and the audience." ARCH ENEMY was rejoined by the band's original members Johan Liiva and Christopher Amott for their appearance at last year's edition of the Loud Park festival on October 10-11, 2015 at Saitama Super Arena, Saitama, Japan. Speaking about his 2000 exit from ARCH ENEMY, Liiva told in a 2015 interview: "Actually, I wasn't that angry. I was just kind of shocked and kind of disappointed, because I wasn't expecting it. But you just have to deal with it and accept what happened. Then, a few years later, I realized, 'Okay, this is what it's like. It's the music business. [ARCH ENEMY mainman/guitarist Michael Amott] wants to make a living from his music, he wants to make the band like that.' And, honestly, at the end, I wasn't putting too much of my energy into the band; I had so many other things on my agenda, unfortunately. So it was like a mixture of all these things. I was not focused, maybe. So I totally understand it. But then again, many fans were really angry and they all supported me, and I thanked them so much for that. And now they see me doing this show in Loud Park and they wonder what the fuck is going on. You know what I mean? That I don't stand for my values or… But it's not like that. It was a very difficult thing back then." Asked how his guest appearance with ARCH ENEMY at Loud Park came about, Liiva said: "It was Michael [that asked me to do it]. We're old friends and we speak every now and then on the phone. So he said, soon it's twenty years ago, you know — it's an anniversary for the band. And also it's an anniversary for the Loud Park festival. So he was, like, 'Would you like to do this?' And I was, like, 'Ehhh…. Yeah. Yeah, of course I want. For the fans.'" ARCH ENEMY recorded three albums with Johan Liiva: "Black Earth" (1996), "Stigmata" (1998) and "Burning Bridges" (1999). Liiva was replaced by German singer Angela Gossow as ARCH ENEMY's lead vocalist in 2000. Gossow exited the band in 2013 and was succeeded by former THE AGONIST frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz, while remaining as the group's manager. Christopher Amott first left ARCH ENEMY in 2005, only to return to the group two years later. His second, and apparently final, departure came in March 2012.

LARS ULRICH: New METALLICA Album 'Will Be Done This Summer'

11 hours 51 min ago
METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich spoke to Metal Forces about the progress of the recording sessions for the band's follow-up to 2008's "Death Magnetic" album. He said: "We're now coming towards the end of the musical creative process and we're starting to look ahead and the process of how we're gonna share this record with the universe." He added: "The month of June is basically when we're gonna sit down and figure what we're gonna do with it all; what we're gonna call it and what's gonna be on it." The new METALLICA album is being recorded at the band's headquarters in San Rafael, California with producer Greg Fidelman, who engineered and mixed "Death Magnetic". "Greg Fidelman is 24/7 on this record and has been since last summer," said Ulrich. "He's doing an insanely great job and has been putting his heart and soul in it pretty much every waking moment of his life in helping us engineer and produce this record." Although Ulrich was hopeful that METALLICA's new album would arrive in 2016, he was careful not to make any promises. "If the record doesn't come out this year, then it won't be because it's not done," he stated. "It will be because there's some sort of cosmic reason that it would be smarter to hold onto it until next year. But the record will be done this summer." METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett told Alternative Press that the "hardest part" of recording a new album was coordinating the band members' schedules, saying, "Life has its demands. We're trying to make an album and go on tour, trying to be a band, but we all recognize that if someone has a family situation, that takes priority over everything." The group's headlining show at Minneapolis' new U.S. Bank Stadium on August 20 sold out all 66,000 tickets in less than ten minutes two months ago. Joining METALLICA at that show will be AVENGED SEVENFOLD and VOLBEAT. METALLICA's classic 1986 album "Master Of Puppets" is among the records that have been selected for induction into the Library of Congress' National Recording Registry. Every year 25 recordings that are "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" and at least ten years old are selected.

British Heavy Metal Musicians Offer Tips For Creating Perfect Cup Of Tea (Video)

May 27, 2016 - 23:35
According to Mirror, two members of the British metalcore band HUNG have created hilarious new video with tips on making the perfect cup of tea. Barnaby Oakley and Paul Benford shot the clip called "How to make a METAL cup of tea, with Barnaby roaring: "Take your sacred bag of tea, one's all you need not two or three. Pour your boiling water in. Burn its body and wait for a min." Barnaby wrote on his Facebook page: "Me and Paul Benford are here to teach the world how to make a brutal cup of tea... with the aid of metal music." He added: "I'm sick of seeing people slaughter this beautiful British beverage, help us educate the public and share this around." According to The Washington Post, tea consumption in the United Kingdom per person has fallen considerably in the past four decades, dropping from almost 68 grams per week in 1974 to only 25 grams per week in 2014. The huge decrease is being blamed largely on the fact that tea drinking has fallen out of favor with younger people who don't have the time or the interest to prolong the tradition.

LAMB OF GOD Frontman Says Current Presidential Campaign Is 'More Like A Professional Wrestling Match'

May 27, 2016 - 22:39
In a brand new interview with OC Weekly, LAMB OF GOD singer Randy Blythe was asked if he feels optimistic or pessimistic about the current state of the world and the looming presidential election. He responded: "The election is looking pretty grim. Everything is a mess. From the train wreck that was the Republican party's nomination process… The establishment doesn't like who the nominee is. And it is pretty much the same with the Democrats; Hillary [Clinton] is having a hard time gaining traction over young people." He continued: "There was this obituary printed recently in the Richmond-area newspapers it went viral, but it said that a woman who died faced the prospect of voting for [Donald] Trump or Clinton, and chose to instead pass on and be with her Lord. I feel that way sometimes, I understand where that lady was coming from." Blythe added: "This election has changed the way things are going to run. There is not a lot of statesmanship coming out of anyone, particularly the Trump side. Anyone who communicates best in 140 characters or less is not someone I want running my country. It's more like a professional wrestling match, not a presidential election. "So far, I am not impressed with either though, Clinton or Trump. As far as the world goes, I swing widely from day to day and even sometimes minute to minute. Sometimes I think this is the best thing in the world; others I think we're all going to Hell in a hand basket." At the end of last year, Blythe made it clear that he was not impressed with Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, saying that he would "leave America" if the the real estate magnate and former reality TV star becomes President Barack Obama's successor. He told Metal Insider: "I think [Trump] is going to burn himself out. I think he's going to say something so overarchingly stupid that people are finally going to be unable to accept what he's saying anymore. But I almost think he's a purposeful clown, a tool." He continued: "I don't know if he really wants to be President. He might just be a foil for the Republican party to say, 'We've gotta be tough right now in our international relations policy, but not with this guy,' so they'll get someone who looks more moderate into office. They'll say, 'We still need to be strong, hawkish right now, but no, not Donald Trump.' I mean, it's ludicrous the things that he says. He's making shit up." Blythe added: "I'm trying to read between the lines here and see if that's what's going on. If they're in a back room somewhere and Donald Trump is saying, [adopts Trump voice]: 'I'm gonna say that we should pull a Nazi Germany maneuver and make all Muslims wear a yellow crescent moon on their arm,' like the Gestapo did with the Jews in Nazi Germany. "He could just be a clown. If he is the president, though, I am leaving America 'till he's gone." Back in August 2015, Blythe told the "Metal Shop" radio show about Trump: "Donald Trump does not know what the common man does. He has no clue what the average working person goes through in order to pay their bills. He does not give a fuck about you; he gives a fuck about protecting big business and the lobbies. You know what I mean? So fuck that guy, and fuck his hair. He has no need to be the president of the United States. Just 'cause you're rich doesn't mean you should be president of the United States." Blythe went on to say: "Let's take away the campaign funding, right? Let's take it all out. The Internet is free, okay? Why don't you speak about real issues. Take away the money. You know what I mean? They don't need a bazillion dollars to run a presidential campaign; I'm sorry, it's just not true. Go to YouTube, you know? "Not just the presidency, but our Congress has been a disgrace. Bipartisan politics, fighting over party lines. Why don't they care about the American people instead of whether you're a Democrat or a Republican. You know what I mean? Let's deal with some issues."

Video: DIO DISCIPLES Perform New, Original Music At 'Ride For Ronnie' Event

May 27, 2016 - 22:02
DIO DISCIPLES, which pays tribute to Ronnie James Dio and is fully supported by Dio's widow/manager, Wendy, performed three new, original songs during the band's May 22 appearance at the "Ride For Ronnie" motorcycle rally and concert for Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund in Encino, California. Fan-filmed video footage of one of the tracks, which is apparently called "'Till The End Of Time", can be seen below. DIO DISCIPLES' lineup for the "Ride For Ronnie" event consisted of the following musicians: * Tim "Ripper" Owens (JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH) - Vocals * Oni Logan (LYNCH MOB) - Vocals * Craig Goldy (DIO) - Guitar * Bjorn Englen (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) - Bass * Scott Warren (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL) - Keyboards * Simon Wright (AC/DC, DIO, OPERATION: MINDCRIME) - Drums Some of the recent DIO DISCIPLES shows have also included singer Joe Retta (SWEET, HEAVEN & EARTH). Joe hails from Rochester, New York and and was raised on '70s R&B and rock during an era when, as he describes it, "music had more soul and was more diverse." His influences include such luminaries as Stevie Wonder, Steve Marriott, Paul Rodgers, Robert Plant and, of course, Ronnie. Speaking to Hek82 at the "Ride For Ronnie" event, Owens stated about DIO DISCIPLES' plans to record and release original music (see video below): "Craig has really been instrumental in getting these songs written and trying to get it going on. And Joe and Oni [have] been doing a lot of shows with DIO DISCIPLES. I hadn't been with DIO DISCIPLES for over a year, and they asked me to come do this [event]. They're really trying to push DIO DISCIPLES to put some music out — Wendy's been pushing it, and Craig's been pushing it — so these three we have here was three good ones we've already recorded. So it makes it special and it makes it even cooler that DIO DISCIPLES is gonna do our own thing." In a recent interview with Myglobalmind, Goldy stated about the formation of DIO DISCIPLES: "You see, the band DIO was run like a family. So when your family member dies, the other members of the family that are left behind often try to do things to keep their loved one's memory alive. So that's where the DIO DISCIPLES came from. Wendy and Simon [Wright, sometime DIO DISCIPLES drummer] called me and said, 'We should really do something.' Because there were all these tributes going on for Ronnie; some of them were just trying to cash in on his passing and some of them were legitimate. However, we said, 'We are his family we should do something.' So that is where DIO DISCIPLES came from." Goldy told Music Life Magazine that DIO DISCIPLES live performances are unique experiences. He said: "At every DIO DISCIPLES concert, there is a moment when the audience and band really connect. I am getting chills just talking about it. There are people in the audience looking up to the sky and singing at the top of their lungs with tears in their eyes, singing to Ronnie in heaven saying they miss him. It's just beautiful, and that's what the project was for."

TED NUGENT Calls TRUMP 'The Leader America Desperately Needs,' Agrees PRINCE's Death Was 'Pathetic'

May 27, 2016 - 20:55
Thomas S. Orwat Jr. of Rock Music Star recently conducted an interview with outspoken conservative rocker Ted Nugent. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Rock Music Star: I feel that you maybe one of the most misunderstood people in America, but people hear what they want to hear. How frustrating is it for you, when the press and left-ringers twist your words and try to turn you into a villain? Especially, when it comes to being racist. You certainly have a great respect for many of the influential African-Americans that have help shape rock music. Nugent: Clearly I stand and connect with smart, honest people and drive dishonest weirdos crazy. So be it. In this divisive culture war, I could not be more proud of that distinction. I am unable to back off critical issues and play braindead politically correct games so that fools can continue their embarrassing denial of historical and current truth and evidence. My original inspirations were the original masters like Bo, Chuck, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, all the fiery black artists that raised maximum hell with their over-the-top, intense live shows and amazing music. Given the fact that I am a natural born predator, you combine the fury of those black heroes with my primal hunting lifestyle and you have the ultimate, defiant, rugged individualism spewing from every song, every guitar lick, every performance to this very day. Wimps and lying haters are blind to this self-evident truth and simply hate for hate’s sake. Poor, pathetic punks, all of them. Rock Music Star: How do you feel about the likely occurrence that Donald Trump will be our next president, and what else do you suggest he needs to do to "Make America Great Again"? Nugent: I believe Donald Trump to be the leader America desperately needs right now in this bizzarro culture war of good against evil, earners against bloodsuckers, legal against illegal. If enough Americans fail to heed the call in 2016 to vote Trump, the self-inflicted engineered deathwish tailspin of the embarrassing Obama/Clinton/Sanders America will spiral ever downward, crashing the last best hope in a fiery ball of flames. I will fight with all my might to not let this happen to America. Rock Music Star: Although he has since apologized for coming off "insensitive," how do you feel about Gene Simmons's comments about the death of Prince, calling his death "pathetic," due to the fact that it is speculated that his death was caused from an overdose of prescription pain killers? Nugent: I'm afraid I would have to agree with Gene's original statement for it is indeed rather pathetic in this day and age that anyone could be so foolish to indulge in such widespread proven suicidal procedures. The definition of insanity is the repeating of certain conduct and expecting different results. We lost another very gifted artist due to insane choices. Read the entire interview at Rock Music Star.

TWISTED SISTER's JAY JAY FRENCH: 'Any Classic Band That Releases A New Record Is An Idiot For Playing It'

May 27, 2016 - 18:19
During a brand new interview with Goldmine magazine, TWISTED SISTER guitarist Jay Jay French once again reiterated his belief that fans are not interested in hearing new music from veteran rock artists. He said: "Let's be honest. Any classic band that releases a new record is an idiot for playing it. I mean, they can justify it all they want but no one cares. Let me tell you, you're a bunch of stupid fools if you think that anyone gives a shit. They don't. They say they do, but they don't. Which is why most of these classic bands make a new album, go out on a tour, start out with five songs from the new record, after a few weeks there are two songs and then they just want to play that one new song and get it over with. Because no one knows it and no one gives a shit about it, and they're delusional to think they do. Another delusional thing is, let's alter the arrangements and be hip. No one gives a shit about that either. If you're a great entertainer, you'll give them exactly what they want to hear, exactly how they want to hear it. That's what great entertainers do. Idiot entertainers don't do that." French also talked about TWISTED SISTER's decision to call it quits after a final round of dates, dubbed "Forty And Fuck It - The Final Tour". He said: "Whether you like it or not, once you reach a status of 'classic,' you really start to understand people — if you really truly want to understand why people like you. You can make new product, it's all well and good, but when someone spends 200-300 bucks for a ticket, they expect certain songs, they expect the songs played correctly, they expect you to be proficient, on time and professional — that's what an entertainer is. And I will tell you that the club scene taught us an enormous amount of discipline." He continued: "You know, I can't emphasize it enough. Dee [Snider, TWISTED SISTER singer] became one of the greatest frontmen in the world because he learned how to do it on the club scene. We learned how to be great entertainers in the bars and we followed through. And I think the band just wants to say that we reached a point where we can't do it anymore in the manner that we feel we need to do it and we should probably be respected for that. Because I don't want to takes someone's money that I don't earn. And it's hard for some people to understand that. They want to keep you hermetically sealed in a jar with their memories forever. Which I get. I do get it. But I think at some point this year will be our last show, and I'll turn around to the other guys in the band and that'll be it." Most of TWISTED SISTER shows in 2016 are featuring the core lineup of Dee Snider (vocals), Jay Jay French (guitar), Mark Mendoza (bass) and Eddie Ojeda (guitar), along with drummer Mike Portnoy (THE WINERY DOGS, ex-DREAM THEATER). TWISTED SISTER's movie, "We Are Twisted F***ing Sister!", was released on February 23 on DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, and digital formats, with an included two hours of bonus material and director commentary.

Video: ZAKK WYLDE Performs In Paris, France

May 27, 2016 - 17:41
Fan-filmed video footage of Zakk Wylde's (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, OZZY OSBOURNE) May 26 performance at Le Cabaret Sauvage in Paris, France can be seen below. Wylde recently announced new U.S. and Canadian tour dates in continued support of his new LP, "Book Of Shadows II". Wylde will hit over 40 cities spread out across the U.S. and Canada this summer including a performance at Heavy Montreal festival in Montreal on August 7, a first for him as a solo artist. "Book Of Shadows II" was released on April 8 via Entertainment One Music (eOne Music). Zakk's first solo release in 20 years is the follow-up to 1996's "Book Of Shadows", a classic album Wylde released between his work with Ozzy Osbourne that has since become a fan favorite. Wylde, as always, has been on the road nonstop. He wrapped up a buzzworthy stint on Steve Vai's "Generation Axe" tour in Red Bank, New Jersey and prior to that served as a marquee artist on the "Hendrix Experience" tour with the likes of Billy Cox and Buddy Guy. This is the first time Zakk has toured as a headliner in the U.S. and Canada since last year's "Unblackened" tour.

FOUR BY FATE Feat. Ex-FREHLEY'S COMET, SKID ROW Members: 'Moonshine' Lyric Video

May 27, 2016 - 17:11
The official lyric video for the song "Moonshine", from FOUR BY FATE, the band featuring John Regan, Tod Howarth, Rob Affuso and Patrick James Gasperini, can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's debut album, "Relentless", which will be released on June 3 via Amazing Record Co. in Europe and The End Records in America. The seeds for the group's formation were planted in 1986 when Regan and Howarth were on tour together; Regan playing bass with John Waite and Howarth singing and playing keyboards with CHEAP TRICK. The tour brought the pair together as friends and musicians and many months later Regan asked Howarth to join him in FREHLEY'S COMET, a band fronted by Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee, the legendary KISS guitarist/singer Ace Frehley. In 2014, Regan and Howarth joined forces again on a new project — FOUR BY FATE. Enter Gasperini, a New York guitarist/singer and prolific songwriter. With a solid East Coast resume, he adds ripping guitar hero presence and big tunes. Shortly after, the band invited powerhouse percussionist Rob Affuso (SKID ROW) to complete the final foursome. Adding further rock pedigree, other contributors to the FOUR BY FATE story include Stet Howland (drummer for W.A.S.P.), Sean Kelly (guitarist for HELIX and Nelly Furtado) and AJ Pero (drummer from TWISTED SISTER), who recorded six tracks on the album before he tragically passed away in early 2015. Says the band, "We have traveled a long road that had more than its share of challenges...but we stayed the course, and that road has led us home. We are proud to announce our alliance with Andreas Katsambas and his brilliantly creative team at The End Records as our partners. Andreas is a visionary who shares our passion for music and independence, and to be a part of this family and its great roster of artists is very exciting. We are looking forward to bringing you our debut album, 'Relentless', this June."

KATATONIA: Entire 'The Fall Of Hearts' Album Available For Streaming

May 27, 2016 - 16:41
"The Fall Of Hearts", the tenth studio album from Swedish purveyors of dark progressive rock/metal KATATONIA, can be streamed in its entirety using the SoundCloud widget below. Released on May 20 via Peaceville, the follow-up to 2012's "Dead End Kings" was recorded at Stockholm's Studio Gröndahl & Tri-lamb studio, and was produced by Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse. Mixing and mastering duties were carried out by Jens Bogren (OPETH, IHSAHN, DEVIN TOWNSEND) at Fascination Street Studios, with Karl Daniel Lidén (SWITCHBLADE, THE OCEAN, GREENLEAF) brought in as engineer. The dramatic-yet-desolate artwork was created by longtime KATATONIA designer and illustrator Travis Smith. "The Fall Of Hearts" track listing: 01. Takeover [07:09] 02. Serein [04:46] 03. Old Heart Falls [04:22] 04. Decima [04:46] 05. Sanction [05:07] 06. Residual [06:54] 07. Serac [07:25] 08. Last Song Before The Fade [05:01] 09. Shifts [04:54] 10. The Night Subscriber [06:10] 11. Pale Flag [04:23] 12. Passer [06:25] Bonus tracks: * Vakaren [04:54] (CD/DVD & Deluxe Edition) * Sistere [04:11] (LP & Deluxe Edition) * Wide Awake In Quietus [04:59] (Digital & Deluxe Edition) KATATONIA spent the past four years since the release of "Dead End Kings" touring the world, as well as expanding its fanbase through two special albums on Kscope, the sister label of Peaceville. 2013 saw the release of "Dethroned & Uncrowned", which exploded the core of the songs on "Dead End Kings", creating new moods and textures. In 2015, they released the live acoustic album and concert film "Sanctitude". Both releases illustrate the band's journey toward this, their current more progressive sound. "The Fall Of Hearts" is the first record to feature new drummer Daniel "Mojjo" Moilanen and with the addition of their recently recruited guitarist Roger Öjersson (TIAMAT), who came in just in time to sprinkle some blistering solos on the album, KATATONIA will continue to push their musical boundaries beyond their roots in the metal scene while drawing in new fans from across the musical spectrum like peers such as OPETH and ANATHEMA have also done, cementing KATATONIA's place as one of the most revered and cherished of all bands in the world of modern heavy music. KATATONIA comments on "The Fall Of Hearts": "This album is probably everything we unknowingly ever dreamed of to release. It's a bleak but adventurous journey through our elements, we haven't held back, we have pushed to get forward and backward in the ever spiralling night of our musical legacy."

DORO: 'Bad Blood' Performance Clip From 'Strong And Proud' DVD

May 27, 2016 - 16:25
German metal queen Doro Pesch celebrated the 30th anniversary of performing live during 2013 and 2014 by touring the world extensively for a year and by playing three official anniversary shows. The tour kicked off impressively in front of 85,000 people at the world's biggest metal festival, Wacken Open Air, followed by two sold-out nights in her hometown, Dusseldorf, where she also started her outstanding career. And everyone came to party with Doro: Phil Campbell (MOTÖRHEAD), Biff Byford (SAXON), Chris Caffery (SAVATAGE), Blaze Bayley (ex-IRON MAIDEN), Joakim Brodén (SABATON), Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN), Udo Dirkschneider, Uli Jon Roth, LORDI as well as many more amazing guests — the list of stars who celebrated the metal queen on stage comes across like a "Who's Who" of the rock and metal scene. Three decades of Doro — three unforgettable nights — forever captured on three DVDs and two Blu-rays; including an two-hour-plus great music movie, which delivers deep insights behind the scenes and inside the heart of Doro. Nuclear Blast will release this incredible Doro anniversary package, titled "Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal", on June 24. It is a fantastic memory for everyone who has seen Doro live worldwide during her anniversary and a revelation for all fans of good, hard rock music and classy live performance with blood, sweat and tears. A performance clip of the song "Bad Blood", taken from "Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal", can be seen below. Says Doro: "We spent endless hours, days and nights working on the DVD, because we wanted to present a real highlight for all rock and metal fans for the 30th anniversary. We took care of every detail. It began already with the bombastic stage in Wacken, we worked one year on its design. In Dusseldorf, we even celebrated two nights in a row. One 'Classic Night' with a 40-piece orchestra and one 'balls to the wall' rock show on the second evening. It continued subsequently nonstop — with an anniversary tour, with led us to Russia, South America and my second home, the USA, among others." "Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal" contains 38 songs in total, a full load of rock and metal, including all Doro classics, many old WARLOCK hits and ingenious cover versions of songs such as "Fear Of The Dark" (IRON MAIDEN) and "Balls To The Wall" (ACCEPT). The filming and cutting is phenomenal, and the sound crystal-clear. Once again, the packaging was drawn by Doro's favourite artist, Geoffrey Gillespie. Additionally, "Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal" offers a unique music movie with a two-hour plus documentary, "Behind The Curtain, Inside The Heart Of Doro". It gives the spectator deep and detailed insights into the world of Doro. Says Doro: "There's always great impressions from all over the world and never before seen pictures from our life behind the stage. The camera team accompanied us for over one year everywhere and captured very emotional, intimate and human situations." "Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal" will be released in the following formats: - 2Blu-ray-Digi - 3DVD-Digi - CD - Earbook - 2LP (black) in gatefold - 2LP (blue) in gatefold (mailorder + wholesale) - 2LP (silver) in gatefold (mailorder exclusive) - Earbook in tote bag (mailorder exclusive) DVD1 30 Years Anniversary Show - Wacken Open Air 01. Intro 02. Wacken Anthem (We Are The Metalheads) 03. Burning The Witches 04. East Meets West (feat. Chris Boltendahl) 05. Raise Your Fist In The Air 06. Hellbound 07. Revenge 08. Earthshaker Rock 09. Breaking The Law (feat. Phil Campbell) 10. All We Are (feat. Eric Fish, Joakim Brodén & CORVUS CORAX) 30 Years Anniversary Show - Classic Night 11. Touch Of Evil 12. On The Run 13. Fear Of The Dark (feat. Blaze Bayley) 14. The Night Of The Warlock 15. You're My Family 16. Above The Ashes 17. Beyond The Trees 18. Hero 19. Princess Of The Dawn (feat. Udo Dirkschneider) 20. Dancing With An Angel (feat. Udo Dirkschneider) 21. Hard Rock Hallelujah (feat. LORDI) 22. Love Me In Black 23. Für Immer (Mix Clip Classic Night/Rock Night) 30 Years Anniversary Show - Rock Night 24. Raise Your Fist In The Air 25. Save My Soul 26. Running From The Devil 27. Without You 28. East Meets West (feat. Sabina Classen) 29. Rock Till Death (feat. Hansi Kürsch) 30. Bad Blood (feat. LORDI) 31. Denim And Leather (feat. Biff Byford) 32. Out Of Control 33. Wacken Anthem (We Are The Metalheads) 34. Metal Racer 35. Herzblut 36. Burn It Up 37. Balls To The Wall (feat. Udo Dirkschneider) 38. All We Are DVD2 01. Behind The Curtain, Inside The Heart Of Doro (Documentary) DVD3 - Bonus Concert Movie 30 Years Anniversary Show - Classic Night 01. Celebrate 02. Burn It Up 03. Breaking The Law 04. All We Are 05. Metal Racer 30 Years Anniversary Show - Rock Night 06. True As Steel 07. Evil 08. Egypt (The Chains Are On) (feat. Chris Caffery) 09. Revenge 10. Hellbound 11. You've Got Another Thing Comin' (feat. Biff Byford) 12. Fight 13. Drum Solo 14. Ich Will Alles (feat. Andy Brings) 15. Metal Tango 16. Unholy Love 30 Years Anniversary Show - Wacken Open Air 17. Metal Tango (feat. Eric Fish & Frau Schmitt) 18. Drum Solo 19. Für Immer (feat. Uli Jon Roth) Rock Hard Festival 2015 20. Hellbound 21. Für Immer Russia Tour 2015 22. Touch Of Evil 23. I Rule The Ruins CD + Digital: 01. On The Run 02. Save My Soul 03. Raise Your Fist 04. Fear Of The Dark 05. Revenge 06. Earthshaker Rock 07. Without You 08. Rock Till Death 09. Egypt (The Chains Are On) 10. Für Immer 11. Hellbound 12. Balls To The Wall 13. You're My Family 14. All We Are Blu-ray 1 30 Years Anniversary Show - Wacken Open Air 01. Intro 02. Wacken Anthem (We Are The Metalheads) 03. Burning The Witches 04. East Meets West (feat. Chris Boltendahl) 05. Raise Your Fist In The Air 06. Hellbound 07. Revenge 08. Earthshaker Rock 09. Breaking The Law (feat. Phil Campbell) 10. All We Are (feat. Eric Fish, Joakim Brodén & CORVUS CORAX) 30 Years Anniversary Show - Classic Night 11. Touch Of Evil 12. On The Run 13. Fear Of The Dark (feat. Blaze Bailey) 14. The Night Of The Warlock 15. You're My Family 16. Above The Ashes 17. Beyond The Trees 18. Hero 19. Princess Of The Dawn (feat. Udo Dirkschneider) 20. Dancing With An Angel (feat. Udo Dirkschneider) 21. Hard Rock Hallelujah (feat. LORDI) 22. Love Me In Black 23. Für Immer (Mix Clip Classic Night/Rock Night) 30 Years Anniversary Show - Rock Night 24. Raise Your Fist In The Air 25. Save My Soul 26. Running From The Devil 27. Without You 28. East Meets West (feat. Sabina Classen) 29. Rock Till Death (feat. Hansi Kürsch) 30. Bad Blood (feat. LORDI) 31. Denim And Leather (feat. Biff Byford) 32. Out Of Control 33. Wacken Anthem (We Are The Metalheads) 34. Metal Racer 35. Herzblut 36. Burn It Up 37. Balls To The Wall (feat. Udo Dirkschneider) 38. All We Are Blu-ray 2 01. Behind The Curtain, Inside The Heart Of Doro (Documentary) 30 Years Anniversary Show - Classic Night 02. Celebrate 03. Burn It Up 04. Breaking The Law 05. All We Are 06. Metal Racer 30 Years Anniversary Show - Rock Night 07. True As Steel 08. Evil 09. Egypt (The Chains Are On) (feat. Chris Caffery) 10. Revenge 11. Hellbound 12. You've Got Another Thing Comin' (feat. Biff Byford) 13. Fight 14. Drum Solo 15. Ich Will Alles (feat. Andy Brings) 16. Metal Tango 17. Unholy Love 30 Years Anniversary Show - Wacken Open Air 18. Metal Tango (feat. Eric Fish & Frau Schmitt) 19. Drum Solo 20. Für Immer (feat. Uli Jon Roth) Rock Hard Festival 2015 21. Hellbound 22. Für Immer Russia Tour 2015 23. Touch Of Evil 24. I Rule The Ruins

Watch More Of CEELO GREEN's Performance Of KISS's 'Rock And Roll All Nite' On SPIKE TV's 'Lip Sync Battle'

May 27, 2016 - 15:52
CeeLo Green channeled Gene Simmons by donning the KISS bassist/vocalist's signature makeup and a wig full of curly black hair and performing the KISS classic "Rock And Roll All Nite" for an episode of Spike TV's hit show "Lip Sync Battle". Green's competed against comedic actor Russell Peters in the battle, which aired last night (Thursday, May 26). "Lip Sync Battle" is hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen. The series is executive produced by Casey Patterson, Jay Peterson of Matador Content, John Krasinski, Stephen Merchant, and Eight Million Plus Productions. Based on the pop culture phenomenon of lip sync battling, the Spike original series features celebrities going head to head — lip-syncing the song of their choice — battling for the coolest bragging rights on the planet. The series is a ratings and multiplatform superstar for Spike and is the most-watched original series in network history.

DUFF MCKAGAN Describes Meeting AXL ROSE For First Time In New 'It's So Easy And Other Lies' Clip

May 27, 2016 - 15:39
GUNS N' ROSES bassist Duff McKagan's new documentary, "It's So Easy And Other Lies: Live At The Moore", has just begun a limited theatrical run in U.S. theaters. According to The Pulse Of Radio. XLrator Media is presenting the film in 50 cities ahead of its arrival in Los Angeles on June 3. The film focuses on McKagan as he tells his life story in a live performance at Seattle's famed Moore Theatre in 2013. Featuring exclusive archival footage, this authorized documentary chronicles Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee McKagan's meteoric rise to fame and fortune, his near-fatal struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, and his remarkable life transformation. The film features interviews with many of the people who took this wild ride, including a constellation of rock stars that rose to fame alongside him, and the people who inspired him to overcome his addictions. In a voice that is as honest as it is indelibly his own, Duff takes audiences on a harrowing journey through the dark heart of rock 'n' roll and out the other side. In a newly released clip from "It's So Easy And Other Lies: Live At The Moore", McKagan describes his first GUNS N' ROSES rehearsal, which was also the first time he performed with Axl Rose. Check it out below. "It's So Easy And Other Lies: Live At The Moore" was directed and produced by Christopher Duddy, produced by Daniel Zirilli and Steven G. Kaplan, and executive produced by Vision Films' Lise Romanoff, Gato Scatena, Jordan Rosner, Hans Stangl, Birgit Stein and Kati Thomson. Evan Saxon did the theatrical booking. Fans can go to for theater information and to purchase tickets. The Seattle appearance was part of a promotional tour by McKagan in support of his 2012 memoir of the same name, which debuted on the New York Times' Hardcover Nonfiction Best Sellers list at No. 17. McKagan's first book and his second, "How To Be A Man (And Other Illusions)", chronicled not just McKagan's life but the wisdom and experience he gained from his time with GUNS to getting sober after a life of hard living to raising a family with his supermodel wife. McKagan told The Pulse Of Radio not long ago what the best part of sobriety was. "Waking up every day. Waking up and being able to have a cup of coffee and be aware of what's going on around me and being comfortable in my own skin, and being curious about what's gonna happen that day," he said. "Simply, just waking up is the best thing." The documentary's release comes three weeks before the partially reunited GUNS N' ROSES will begin a summer stadium tour of North America at Ford Field in Detroit on June 23.

House Speaker PAUL RYAN Calls AC/DC-AXL ROSE Pairing 'A Little Weird'

May 27, 2016 - 15:23
House Speaker Paul Ryan has weighed in on AC/DC's decision to use Axl Rose as the the lead singer of the band's current tour, calling it "a little weird." Ryan — who is known for his far-right positions on both economics and social issues — was previously described as a huge rock music fan whose playlist "starts with AC/DC and ends with [LED] ZEPPELIN." Asked by Politico's Glenn Thrush for his thoughts on Rose stepping in for Brian Johnson, who was advised to stop playing live or "risk total hearing loss," Ryan said (hear audio below): "[It's] a little weird. The AC/DC voice is just so iconic, so known, it's strange. "[The] Brian Johnson [era of AC/DC] is the one that most of us grew up with. Now, 'Dirty Deeds', I have that album… My kids love a couple of songs on that album. But the raspy voice of most of what people think of AC/DC'Whole Lotta Rosie', 'It's A Long Way To The Top', all the 'Back In Black' stuff — that is not Axl Rose. But you have to understand, that's what younger people think of AC/DC." Ryan went on to express his doubts about whether Rose could do the job as Johnson's replacement. "Has he put gravel in his voice?" the House Speaker asked. "I mean, the question is, can he…? He's got more range in his voice… If he smoked a couple of packs a day for the last ten years, maybe he'd be better. And it [would] sound like AC/DC." The former vice presidential running mate of Mitt Romney in 2014 denied that he was a huge fan of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE after he became the butt of jokes when his supposed fandom was flatly denied by the band's guitarist, Tom Morello. Ryan told the New York Times: "They were never my favorite band. I hate the lyrics, but I like the sound. LED ZEPPELIN has always been my favorite band. Again, these urban legends get going." Two years earlier, Morello wrote an op-ed piece for Rolling Stone calling Ryan "the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades. Ryan claims that he likes RAGE's sound, but not the lyrics. Well, I don't care for Paul Ryan's sound or his lyrics." The guitarist went on to criticize Ryan for his "rage" against "women… immigrants… workers… gays… the poor… the environment" and support for "the super rich." "But RAGE's music affects people in different ways," Morello admitted. "Perhaps Paul Ryan was moshing when he should have been listening."

SEBASTIAN BACH On Possible SKID ROW Reunion: 'I'm Up For It, If They Are'

May 27, 2016 - 14:07
During a brand new interview with Loudwire, former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach was once again asked if he would be open to a reunion of the band's classic lineup. He said (see video below): "I don't have any reason why not to do that. I mean, I have a manager named Rick Sales, and he guides my career, and something like that is way beyond me. I don't know how to answer that. But if they wanna get together and jam… "I'm just so fucking busy that I don't… I know the fans think about that all the time. I'm doing twelve cities in thirteen days right now; it's hard to describe to people what that is, how much work goes into it. So my brain is focused on what I'm doing. I'm releasing a book [and] there is a lot that I have to do." Sebastian continued: "I have no animosity towards anybody in SKID ROW, and the fact that we're all, five of us, still alive in this world is a pretty amazing feat. So I would someday definitely like to hear the five guys who made those records play live together again. Yes, I would. 'Cause I'm a fan too." Asked if there has been any contact between him and his former bandmates in SKID ROW about a possible reunion, Bach paused for a long time before answering: "Rick Sales is my manager. He handles everything to do with the SKID ROW reunion. And if there is a reunion, it's a very complicated business thing, and I really… I just don't even know what to say. I don't know what to say." After being pressed again about whether he would want to reunite with his former band, Sebastian said: "I'm up for it, if they are." Back in January, Bach addressed the possibility of a reunion with SKID ROW. He wrote on his Twitter account: "Only way a SKID ROW reunion could happen is if we somehow tried [to] bury a 20-year hatchet between us. Would love the chance to do so #SitDown" He added in another tweet: "To be honest, I have said some super shitty things [to] them [and] about them. I would like to apologize for shooting my mouth off." SKID ROW guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo told The Aquarian Weekly about the possibility of the band reuniting with Bach: "Happiness, to me, is my spirit and my soul is more important to me than having dollars in my wallet. People may [not] believe that and that's okay. Anybody who knows me knows that to be true. I don't think you can place a price on happiness. We've been hit repeatedly over the years with, 'Why don't you do a reunion tour?' And you know what? I understand the question and I get it. I really do, and if I were on the outside, I'd be asking the same question, but no one feels comfortable with that idea." Bach told last year that he hasn't grown tired of people asking him about a SKID ROW reunion. He explained: "When people say, 'Are SKID ROW going to get back together?' I understand that question. [But] I haven’t been in the same room as [SKID ROW bassist] Rachel Bolan since '96. It's coming up on 20 years. If we ever were to reunite on a stage — that's almost 20 years of getting over whatever the hell it is he's mad about, because I'm not mad at all. The fact that the five guys in GUNS N' ROSES are still alive, and the five guys in SKID ROW, we're all still alive, that's a miracle. It's almost, like, if you have the chance to do something that epic, and you don't do it, it's kind of, like, selfish to me, really." Bach didn't rule out one day returning to the band that made him famous, but made it clear the reunion isn't up to him. "It's very easy for me to walk on the stage and sing the same songs that I already sing every night," he said. "It's not hard, so I don't understand what the holdup is. You'd have to ask them." In a 2010 interview, Bolan stated about SKID ROW's split with Sebastian: "There was so much tension and so much infighting that it was hard to write songs. Snake and I formed the band, we wrote the songs, and then other people played and sang it. People wanted to break away from what had been working, and that impeded the songwriting." Regarding the decision to reform SKID ROW in 1999 without Bach, Bolan said: "The blood was so bad after [1995's] 'Subhuman Race' and there was just so much stuff in the press, we knew it wasn't going to work [with Sebastian]. We decided we'd rather go on being happy with what we were doing than get right back into all the tension and dissension. We loved the music, we loved playing, and we knew we could do this and have fun again. So we decided right there to continue without him." Singer Tony Harnell announced his departure from SKID ROW last December, eight months after he joined the band as the replacement for Johnny Solinger, who was the group's frontman for fifteen years. SKID ROW has played several shows in recent months with the South African-born, British-based singer ZP Theart (DRAGONFORCE, TANK, I AM I), but he has not been officially named as the permanent replacement for Harnell.

DEATH ANGEL's ROB CAVESTANY Was In Talks With NICK MENZA About Forming New Project

May 27, 2016 - 13:26
DEATH ANGEL guitarist Rob Cavestany has revealed to The National Student that he was in talks with Neck Menza about forming a new project together prior to the former MEGADETH drummer's death. Rob said: "This is actually the first time I'm going to tell this story in public whatsoever: while we were about to go into the studio to record [DEATH ANGEL's brand new album] 'The Evil Divide' — somewhere around September/October — Nick Menza contacted me personally. And I'd never known him personally before. "He contacted me about doing a project: he and [ex-MEGADETH guitarist] Chris Poland wanted to do a project with me and they wanted to write with me. I was just blown away, I was shocked, I was, like, 'Holy shit!' "I was having these conversations with Nick, but the thing is that we were right about to go into the studio to do the album and I was like ‘Man, this just isn't good timing, I need all my focus on DEATH ANGEL. I cannot compromise a moment of it.' "And they wanted to wait for me. He was sending me demos of music that they were writing and they wanted me to contribute to it and I had to say, 'I just can't right now.' "He was persistent to the point where it was, like, 'Well, just come down to L.A. so we can jam together!' I was insanely honored and flattered that he wanted to work with me, but I couldn't do it at that time. I was in pre-production, I couldn't come off that course. "And that was it. It just never happened." He continued: ""We're not going on tour 'till September, so I planned to see what was going on with those guys. So when I heard that news, on multiple levels, it was heartbreaking for me. Thinking about the conversations with Nick and what we were gonna do, it's such a confusing and emotional thing for me. It's very sad. "And no one knew! I barely even told the guys in my band because I didn't want them to trip out and start thinking that I was getting side-tracked. I've hardly told anyone about that because it was just between us: me and Nick and Chris Poland. "It was quite intimidating, because those guys are insane musicians and Chris Poland's guitar playing is just insanity! So I'm, like, 'Me?! I'm not even in your caliber of musicianship!' But they seemed to think so and they wanted me in there, contributing to the writing. It was just a huge honor and I'll always treasure that. I'm just devastated I never had the chance to see what was up with that." Nick collapsed after suffering a heart attack after the third song of OHM:'s set on May 21 at The Baked Potato in Studio City, California and was pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital. He was 51 years old. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner said Menza died of natural causes. The cause of Menza's death was listed as hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Menza had reportedly dabbled with drugs in the earlier part of his career but had been completely sober for eight years. Menza joined MEGADETH for the 1989 recording "Rust In Peace" and for the next nine years became associated with the band's "classic" and most profitable era.

Report: CHRIS CORNELL's Alleged Stalker Sheds Ankle Monitor, Is Wanted By FBI

May 27, 2016 - 12:57
According to TMZ, the woman who was charged with stalking SOUNDGARDEN singer Chris Cornell and his wife in 2014 is wanted by the FBI after removing her court-ordered GPS ankle monitor and skipping a court appearance. Jessica Leigh Robbins was arrested in July 2014 for allegedly making threats to Cornell and his family, and was suspected of attempting to enter their home in Miami the year before. Robbins allegedly posted on the Internet that she had driven seven hours to speak with Cornell, but "was unable to enter the elevator in his residence because she did not have the elevator key." TMZ now reports that Robbins removed the device that individuals under house arrest or parole are often required to wear and failed to show up this past Tuesday in New York City federal court. The FBI obtained a bench warrant for her arrest the next day, and U.S. Marshals and Florida authorities are now said to be working together to track her down. Back in 2014, the administrator for SOUNDGARDEN's official web site turned over a series of hostile posts and tweets believed to have been written by Robbins, including some that targeted Cornell's wife, Vicky. "I forgive her, but I'm done playing games with her, she is not going to be able to hurt him ever again by the time I'm done with her," one of posts stated. A U.S. attorney later described Robbins as bipolar and off her medication. The 34-year-old Robbins was ordered not to have any contact with the Cornell family or members of SOUNDGARDEN. Robbins was released on $50,000 bail, ordered to wear an ankle monitor and to also stay off the Internet. Robbins had previously approached Cornell at a fan event, asking if a manuscript she had sent had been helpful. Later, it was learned that Robbins had posted videos of herself discussing the encounter and alleging that the frontman had plagiarized her writings. She also claimed to be the mother of one of Cornell's children and had called in a complaint against Vicky Cornell for child abuse. Jessica's mother Robin Robbins told the Tampa Bay Times that her daughter had no history of violence. "She's never had any violent or dangerous tendencies," the mother said. According to The Pulse Of Radio, Robbins is not the only stalker Cornell has had to deal with either. In February 2014, a Seattle woman was charged for allegedly tweeting over 100 death threats to the singer, as well as a threat to rape his teenage daughter. The Cornells were also subjected to death threats in 2006 in which a man described how he planned to kill Vicky and the couple's two children. Police booking photo courtesy of Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Video: BRET MICHAELS Performs In Albuquerque, New Mexico

May 27, 2016 - 12:22
Fan-filmed video footage of POISON singer Bret Michaels's May 14 performance at Isleta Resort & Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico can be seen below. Bret recently said that he is hopeful POISON will play together again. The multi-platinum "hair metal" rockers haven't done any major touring since taking part in the 2012 "Rock Of Ages" trek with LITA FORD and DEF LEPPARD. Since then, Michaels has been focusing on his solo career and last year released the video for "Girls On Bars", his rock-and-country-crossover track which was written with Grammy Award-winning songwriter Luke Laird. During an April 18 appearance on the SiriusXM satellite radio show "Eddie Trunk Live", Michaels was asked if he thinks POISON will ever regroup to do some more touring. He responded: "One thousand percent. I still consider 'em great friends. We've been through a lot together. And, you know, we've been out there a lot a few years back — with DEF LEPPARD, MÖTLEY CRÜE, we were out with KISS, [LYNYRD] SKYNYRD… We've done a lot of stuff. And just as POISON, playing the amphitheaters and arenas. But I still see something amazing happening." Michaels added that POISON's future plans depend partly on the health of drummer Rikki Rockett, who last year completed nine rounds of chemotherapy and seven weeks of radiation after being diagnosed with oral cancer in the summer. He said: "Right now we've all got a prayer out for Rikki and his health; we hope that it's great. And that's number one — for our drummer and his health and his kids and everything… He's working really hard at [his treatment]. And you know the combination — it's grace of God and good medical attention and taking care of himself. But I think if all goes great, which it will, I'm hoping in the very near future — I don't wanna say a date — we go out there and do some amazing shows together. And I'm thankful for every minute I have had and will have. Meaning I'm not… I'm not one of those guys, I'm not a bitter guy. I'm happy for what I've got and the amazing time we had together, and hopefully we'll continue to do it in the future. But if not, it was a great journey and a great time." POISON appeared at the 2013 Indy 500 Miller Lite Carb Day, but has otherwise been mostly playing private shows, including one in January 2015. Rockett has been critical of Michaels's decision to spend so much time nurturing his solo career. He said in a December 2015 interview: "I don't know that Bret wants to do another record with us. I think he'll do shows, I think he'll do maybe a tour." He added: "POISON is my baby, you know what I mean? Thirty years. I don't wanna kill it off. But at the same time, it will get killed off if we don't do anything. It'll just automatically start to suffocate itself. And so, it's time to do something. This year is definitely decision time." CINDERELLA bassist Eric Brittingham recently joined Bret's solo band. Brittingham made his live debut with Michaels onApril 30 at Harrah's Laughlin Casino & Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada. This is not the first time Eric and Bret have played together. Brittingham temporarily filled in for POISON bassist Bobby Dall on that band's summer 2009 tour with DEF LEPPARD when Dall became sick.

Watch AXL ROSE-Fronted AC/DC Perform In Hamburg, Germany

May 27, 2016 - 11:52
Fan-filmed video footage of AC/DC's May 26 performance at Volksparkstadion in Hamburg, Germany can be seen below. The band's setlist was as follows: 01. Rock Or Bust 02. Shoot To Thrill 03. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be 04. Back In Black 05. Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder 06. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 07. Rock 'N' Roll Damnation 08. Thunderstruck 09. High Voltage 10. Rock 'N' Roll Train 11. Hells Bells 12. Given The Dog A Bone 13. If You Want Blood (You've Got It) 14. Sin City 15. You Shook Me All Night Long 16. Shot Down In Flames 17. Have A Drink On Me 18. T.N.T. 19. Whole Lotta Rosie 20. Let There Be Rock Encore: 21. Highway To Hell 22. Riff Raff 23. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) According to The Pulse Of Radio, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young said in a new interview with that he's not really sure what AC/DC will do after wrapping up its current touring commitments with Axl Rose on lead vocals. Young remarked: "We were committed to finishing this tour, so that's been our main goal, and Axl's helping us. I know he's very excited. He keeps saying, can he do more? But we don't really know at the end how we will [proceed]. But we wanna get [through] this tour, which we were committed to doing. We wanna finish it." Rose took a break from the GUNS N' ROSES reunion to fill in for Brian Johnson after the longtime AC/DC singer was diagnosed with a potentially career-ending hearing problem. Although Rose started the tour seated on a specially made chair every night while he recovered from a broken foot, he's been gradually leaving the seat behind. Bassist Cliff Williams explained, "[Axl has] done a fabulous job, and he's almost out of his chair now. He's mobile, and he's enjoying himself. It's been really good." The European tour ends back in Germany on June 15 and despite initial fan trepidation, Axl has gotten generally good reviews for his performances so far. Angus Young said: "I mean, under the situation that we had, it was very good that he volunteered and said, 'Hey, if I can help, let me try.' So he's been very good. And he had to learn a lot of songs very quickly, and he's done a great job." Cliff Williams revealed that he has spoken with Brian Johnson about Axl taking over, with Williams saying that Johnson was "happy" with the choice. Johnson met with an audio expert this week to see if some newly invented in-ear monitors could help combat his hearing loss. After a period that has seen AC/DC lose founding guitarist Malcolm Young to dementia, drummer Phil Rudd to legal problems and now possibly Johnson, Angus was asked if he had thought about retiring the group. He replied: "Yes, sure, sometimes. Every thing that comes towards you is hard. But my brother Malcolm always said you have to go on. This he has always believed. It was his idea, his creation. He always said, you have to just go with it."


May 27, 2016 - 11:11
Ben Bruce of ASKING ALEXANDRIA has responded to former vocalist Danny Worsnop saying the band has "lost its artistic integrity." The guitarist told "Loudwire Nights" host Toni Gonzalez (see video below): "What's really annoying about [Danny's comment] is one, [Danny and I] just a spoke a few days prior, on good terms. And what's really annoying about it is 'artist integrity'… He's an Englishman — from England, obviously; Hull, England — singing country music with an American accent. Where's your integrity? What are you talking about? We've done what we've always loved to do since Day One. We didn't change. He did. So, for the fact that he can sit there and say that, I think it's bullshit. It's not true." Worsnop slammed ASKING ALEXANDRIA in an interview with Alternative Press, saying: "My priority always lies with my art, and that has never changed and will never change. I ended up leaving [ASKING ALEXANDRIA] because it lost the art to me. It lost its artistic integrity in my eyes. It was just selling out and that's not what I do." Worsnop and ASKING ALEXANDRIA parted ways over the band's musical direction and tension over Worsnop's side project WE ARE HARLOT. Ben Bruce admitted that some lyrics on ASKING ALEXANDRIA's latest album, "The Black", were written out of frustration with Worsnop, saying: "Danny just stopped caring about ASKING ALEXANDRIA; his heart wasn't in it anymore." ASKING ALEXANDRIA has moved on with new vocalist Denis Stoff, while Worsnop is preparing to release a solo album that shifts away from hard rock and has more of a country sound to it. Worsnop recently released "Out Without You", the first single from his upcoming solo disc, "The Prozac Sessions".