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June 24, 2016 - 18:15
Dutch symphonic metallers EPICA will embark on a North American headlining tour this fall. Support on the trek, dubbed "The North American Principle Tour", will come from FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, ARKONA and THE AGONIST. Exact cities and dates will be announced soon. EPICA will release its seventh studio album, "The Holographic Principle" on September 30 via Nuclear Blast. The CD was produced by Joost van der Broek at Sandlane Recording Facilities and was mixed by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, DESTRUCTION). The cover artwork was created by Stefan Heilemann. "The Holographic Principle" track listing: 01. Eidola 02. Edge Of The Blade 03. A Phantasmic Parade 04. Universal Death Squad 05. Divide And Conquer 06. Beyond The Matrix 07. Once Upon A Nightmare 08. The Cosmic Algorithm 09. Ascension - Dream State Armageddon 10. Dancing In A Hurricane 11. Tear Down Your Walls 12. The Holographic Principle - A Profound Understanding Of Reality The band commented: "'The Holographic Principle' deals with the near future wherein virtual reality has taken off and allows people to create their own virtual worlds which can't be distinguished from 'reality as we know it.' This raises the question whether our current reality is a kind of virtual reality on itself, a hologram. This implies the existence of a higher reality which we currently do not have access to. The lyrics challenge you to think out of the box, to reconsider everything you thought to know for sure and to be open-minded towards recent revolutions in science. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a ride as nothing appears to be what it seems in our holographic universe."

SACRED REICH Still Has No Plans To Record New Music

June 24, 2016 - 18:04
Hayley Leggs of TotalRock Radio conducted an interview with guitarists Jason Rainey and Wiley Arnett of Arizona thrash metal veterans SACRED REICH at this year's edition of Hellfest, which was held June 17-19 in Clisson, France. You can now watch the chat below. Asked about the fact that SACRED REICH hasn't released any new music in twenty years even though the band has been playing sporadic shows for the past decade, Wiley said: "We made a conscious decision to walk away from it. And then, I think around 2004 was the first time I heard we were being invited to come play festivals. And we kind of talked quietly: 'What?' And then it was around 2006 that it started to make sense, and we started to talk about, 'Hey, what do you guys think? Three years in a row, they're asking us to come. Maybe we should go play this festival.'" He continued: "We never hated each other. We just agreed to give it a break. We did it for a lot of years. NIRVANA got big. Metal was going away. We had a good run. 'Maybe we should go buy houses and raise our kids,' was kind of the thought process. That was cool. No one was hurt about it. It was just time to change. Priorities change. And then, a lot of years later, this opportunity came up, which was pretty surprising for us, the first time we heard it. And we thought, 'Oh, it's a one-time deal. We'll go out and play Wacken [Open Air in Germany] and we'll have a great experience. We'll take some pictures. And how cool was that?' The return created more interest, and then other people [said], Oh, you guys are playing? Come to our festival.' And it created this opportunity that brought us here today again." Pressed about whether they think they could come have come up with a new album's worth of material if they had wanted to, Wiley said: "I think to date we could not, and that's why we have not. "We have a discussion. In our band, Philip [Rind], the bass player [and] singer, is a main creative driver. [He writes] one hundred percent of the lyrics and oftentimes fifty percent or more of the music. "Whenever we wrote songs, if we wrote ten songs, we recorded ten songs. When we recorded 'Surf Nicaragua' [in 1988], we had two songs, so we covered BLACK SABBATH and tried to create more material. But whatever we have, we record, and we never spent a lot of time wondering how successful it would be. We just thought, 'We have songs. We should record.' So we've been very fortunate that some of that stuff connected. It was the right time, you know, and it created these opportunities to sit here and talk with you now. It's pretty amazing." Added Jason: "Basically, it starts with Phil, and unless he's on board, it's not gonna happen. But, like he says, never say never. But at this point, we don't have any plans to record any new material." SACRED REICH's last studio album, "Heal", came out in 1996. The band's "Live At Wacken" DVD+CD package was released in North America in November 2012 through Metal Blade. The set contained professionally filmed and recorded footage of the group's August 4, 2007 performance at the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany in front of 60,000 heavy metal fans.

ANTHRAX's SCOTT IAN Says He Is Proud Of Band's 35-Year Career

June 24, 2016 - 17:18
HeadBangers LifeStyle conducted an interview with ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian at this year's edition of the Graspop Metal Meeting festival, which was held June 17-19 in Dessel, Belgium. You can now watch the chat below. Asked what he is most proud of when it comes to ANTHRAX, Ian said: "Our career. Next month will be 35 years of ANTHRAX — on July 18 — so that's what I'm most proud of. We started the band 35 years ago. That's amazing to me. And it's not something I… "I recently had to write something for our publicist, 'cause we're gonna put out a press release, and it took me a long time to be able to write something, because I can't wrap my head around 35 years of doing this. It's too big, really, to think about. It's two-thirds of my life. It's crazy. "35 years. Most people don't do anything for 35 years, let alone be in a heavy metal band. So I think that's it. That's certainly the thing I'm most proud of — that we've done it for so long, and we still get to do it, on our terms." ANTHRAX's latest album, "For All Kings", sold 34,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 9 on The Billboard 200 chart. According to Billboard, ANTHRAX was last in the top 10 back in 1993 with "Sound Of White Noise", which debuted and peaked at No. 7. "For All Kings" also gave ANTHRAX its largest sales week for an album since "Sound Of White Noise"'s second week on sale (40,000; it debuted with 62,000). "For All Kings" is ANTHRAX's first studio album since 2011's "Worship Music" (No. 12 peak with 28,000 sold in its first week) and follows the 2013 covers set "Anthems" (No. 52; 8,000 sold in its debut frame). "For All Kings" also topped the Hard Rock Albums chart in both the U.S. and Canada, and landed at No. 5 and No. 7, respectively, on the U.S. and Canada's Top Current Albums charts. Additionally, "For All Kings" debuted at No. 2 on Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart, No. 2 on the Independent Albums chart, No. 4 Physical Albums, and No. 5 Vinyl Albums chart. ANTHRAX will join forces with SLAYER and DEATH ANGEL this fall for a seven-week North American beat down. The dates start in Cleveland on September 9 and will hit both major and secondary markets across the continent.

STEEL PANTHER's Rock And Roll Encounter With Sleepy AXL ROSE

June 24, 2016 - 16:32
In a brand new interview with, vocalist Michael Starr of California glam-metal jokesters STEEL PANTHER shared his favorite story from the road involving a sleepy Axl Rose. Recalling when STEEL PENTHER opened for GUNS N' ROSES at the Forum in Los Angeles in December 2011, Starr said: "Axl closed off the whole left side of the arena of any noise for four hours while he took a nap. "We had to go into a dressing room and no one could tune guitars or be on stage for four hours." He continued: "That's heavy metal, and it's funny." STEEL PANTHER is working on the follow-up to 2014's "All You Can Eat" album for a tentative October release. "Live From Lexxi's Mom's Garage", STEEL PANTHER's first full-length film featuring a live ten-song acoustic concert interspersed with comedic vignettes showcasing the band's unmatched shenanigans and debauchery, was released on February 26 on CD and CD/DVD by Open E Records via Kobalt Label Services.

Watch RAMMSTEIN Perform In Moscow

June 24, 2016 - 16:00
Fan-filmed video footage of RAMMSTEIN's entire June 19 performance at Maxidrom in Moscow, Russia can be seen below. RAMMSTEIN once again opened the show with a brand new song, presently only known as "Ramm 4". The track, which was also played at all previous stops on the band's current European festival run, contains lyrics that seem to be a combination of various titles of previous RAMMSTEIN songs. RAMMSTEIN last year released a 21st-anniversary box set, a numbered, career-wide collection titled "XXI". The set included the band's six studio albums, produced by Jacob Hellner and remastered onto 180-gram heavyweight double vinyl by Svante Forsbäck, as well as a separate rarities double LP, "Raritäten", including a previously unreleased version of the track "Los". RAMMSTEIN hasn't made a new CD since 2009's "Liebe Ist Für Alle Da". The band's frontman Till Lindemann last year released a debut album with his side project LINDEMANN. RAMMSTEIN guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe's EMIGRATE project issued its sophomore album, "Silent So Long", in November 2014 via Spinefarm.

Video: Late MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA Talks About His 'Influx' Art Collection

June 24, 2016 - 15:40
Just two days before his passing, former MEGADETH drummer Nick Menza and SceneFour announced a new art release which was to be made available on June 16. Understandably, SceneFour and Nick's family postponed the release for a later time. On July 23, which would have been Nick's 52nd birthday, this art release — now titled "Influx" (formerly "Rhythm Hits The Wall") — will be available. A newly released video clip in which Menza talks about his art collection can be seen below. SceneFour is the team responsible for the "Rhythm-On-Canvas" medium, having released blockbuster art collections over the last five years with a highly select group of drumming legends, including Bill Ward (BLACK SABBATH) , Rick Allen (DEF LEPPARD), Mickey Hart (GRATEFUL DEAD), Jose Pasillas (INCUBUS), Dave Lombardo (SLAYER) and Frankie Banali (QUIET RIOT). The process of creating artwork from rhythm is an extensive one that begins with the drummer utilizing a bevy of drumsticks that light in a variety of ways similar to that of a painter utilizing brushes with different colors. In the creation process, the drummer is crafting rhythms that translate visually to abstract imagery before they are brought into the SceneFour studio, manipulated meticulously, and laid to canvas. Those interested in learning more and getting an early preview of "Influx" are encouraged to join the interest list at Nick collapsed after suffering a heart attack after the third song of OHM:'s set on May 21 at The Baked Potato in Studio City, California and was pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital. He was 51 years old. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner said Menza died of natural causes. The cause of Menza's death was listed as hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Menza had reportedly dabbled with drugs in the earlier part of his career but had been completely sober for eight years. Menza joined MEGADETH for the 1989 recording "Rust In Peace" and for the next nine years became associated with the band's "classic" and most profitable era.

PAUL STANLEY Comments On LED ZEPPELIN Lawsuit, War Of Words With NIKKI SIXX And Reunion With ACE FREHLEY

June 24, 2016 - 15:21
Russ Rollins of the "Monsters" recently conducted an interview with KISS frontman Paul Stanley. You can now listen to the chat below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On LED ZEPPELIN being accused of copying the iconic guitar riff in "Stairway To Heaven" from SPIRIT's 1968 instrumental "Taurus": Stanley: "Well, it's pretty strange that this lawsuit came forty-plus years after the fact. That's a little weird, that somebody would suddenly decide to launch a lawsuit. And I think hopefully the truth and the fairness will come to the surface. You know, I'm watching as much as everyone else is." On whether he has ever heard any parts of other bands' songs that sounded like they were lifted from KISS and whether he has ever been accused of ripping off other artists: Stanley: "Well, yeah, and a lot of times it's really unfair, because there are a certain amount of notes and they only get jumbled so many different ways. There's a [Bruce] Springsteen song that sounds like… There's a part of the song that sounds like [KISS's] 'I Was Made For Loving You', so I'm sure he wasn't sitting around listening to that. But it finds its way into everybody's music. You can't come down on everybody for their creativity. And I hope this comes out as I think will be fair." On being at odds with Gene Simmons over the KISS bassist/vocalist's admittedly callous remarks regarding Prince's death but also taking Gene's side and lashing out at Nikki Sixx: Stanley: "You know, to rehash the past, Gene said some things that I think were uncalled for, and also perhaps didn't bring a filter into the mix, and sometimes perhaps he doesn't think through before he says something. And I just thought some of the things he said were a little cold and offensive, and I felt that I needed to distance myself from that, because the two of us have been together forty-plus years. That being said, it was over and done. And Gene and I never had a bad word about it; it was just something we both understood. But then to have somebody else harp on it over and over again, I just was… I didn't like it. I thought it was self-promotion, and I didn't like it. And I said, 'Quit.'" On whether he has gotten a positive response to his reunion with original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley for a cover of FREE's "Fire And Water" for Ace's solo covers set, "Origins Vol. 1": Stanley: "Sure. Everybody — from Paul Rodgers, who originally sang it, who's one of my inspirations, he loved it, and a lot of people thought it was terrific and were surprised by it. Of course, it leads some people to say, 'Well, what's next?' And I don't really think… What's next is that Ace and I are in contact and enjoying reconnecting. It doesn't need to, and won't, lead anywhere in terms of… Why would we change the band? The band is great. KISS is great the way it is. And it's great to be in contact and texting and speaking with Ace. He's in great shape. Psychologically, you know, he's clean and sober, and he's one of a kind. He can be a strange apple, but that's what makes him so cool. And I'm glad I took up the opportunity to be on his album and also shoot a video with him."


June 24, 2016 - 14:39
Nuclear Blast has announced the signing of MEMORIAM, the new Birmingham, United Kingdom-based death/grind metal band featuring Karl Willets (BOLT THROWER) on vocals, Frank Healy (BENEDICTION, CEREBRAL FIX) on bass, Scott Fairfax (CEREBRAL FIX) on guitar and Andy Whale (BOLT THROWER) on drums. Founded in January 2016, the group will release its debut album next year. MEMORIAM was primarily developed to fill the void that was left following the tragic death of Martin "Kiddie" Kearns, the drummer from BOLT THROWER, back in September 2015. BOLT THROWER subsequently placed all activity on hold for the foreseeable future which gave Karl Willetts an opportunity to develop a new project with friends that had expressed interest in forming a band for some time. MEMORIAM is an old-school death metal band, maintaining the standards set by their previous bands, focusing on the themes of death, loss and war. Initially, the bandmembers got together to play covers of songs that had influenced them throughout their careers within the death metal scene. However, it soon became apparent that the new songs that they created were of a superior standard. The band commented: "The war rages on... "It is with great pleasure that MEMORIAM announces that we have signed a recording contract with Nuclear Blast Records. "Throughout our long careers — 30 years, to be precise — within the music industry and specifically within the death metal scene we have witnessed the growth of Nuclear Blast Records to become the number one record company within our genre. "When we started MEMORIAM back in January 2016 we intended just to form a band to go into the rehearsal rooms to jam out some cover versions of old classic songs that had influenced us in the past along with some cover versions from the bands we had played with over the years, and maybe eventually do a few low key gigs. "With the introduction of Scott Fairfax into the lineup, all this changed. Scott has brought with him a wealth of killer riffs and new ideas which has totally changed things around from our original intentions. Very soon we decided to scrap the idea of being a covers band and to formulate our own songs, using these riffs and ideas that Scott introduced to us, and from this we developed a whole load of new crushing, brutal old-school death metal songs which we are very proud of and can’t wait to unleash upon the world! "When we started developing the songs, we talked about the possibility of signing to a label and releasing an album. At that point, we all decided that if Nuclear Blast approached us, we would sign to them. This is because amongst all the labels out there, none have a better relationship with the bands on their roster, none communicate better with both the bands and the fans of the music. None care as much about the music and the scene as Nuclear Blast Records. "Nuclear Blast currently boasts the best artist roster of all the labels within the death metal genre. We are proud and honoured amongst this list! "2016 is the year of MEMORIAM. "Let the resistance begin..." Markus Staiger, CEO of Nuclear Blast, adds: "Being a lifetime fan of both BENEDICTION and BOLT THROWER, it is with great pride that I announce that the new band of Frank Healy and Karl Willets has now joined the Nuclear Blast family! "Following the first news regarding the band, I have been keeping a close eye on them and was very curious to hear their material. "Besides me, a lot of metal magazines have been in touch with the band even before they had heard a single note of music, while the band has also received many invitations to play several summer festivals. "After hearing their first demo songs I was completely sold and knew that I had to get in contact with Frank and Karl to seal the deal. "MEMORIAM will please all the fans of old school death metal and especially the worldwide fan base of BOLT THROWER and BENEDICTION! "With bands like MEMORIAM, Nuclear Blast remains the no # 1 in extreme metal!!"

AEROSMITH's STEVEN TYLER Performs On 'Today' Show (Video)

June 24, 2016 - 13:57
AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler performed several songs — including the title track of his debut solo album, the country-tinged "We're All Somebody From Somewhere" — earlier today (Friday, June 24) in New York City as part of the "Today" show's concert series. Video footage of his appearance can be seen below. Tyler's performance came just a week before he kicks off his summer tour, which begins July 2 and will run through September. "We're All Somebody From Somewhere" will arive on July 15 via Big Machine Label Group's Dot Records. The AEROSMITH frontman appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and spoke about the album, explaining: "I headed down to Nashville last spring to start working on this project, wrote some kick-ass songs with some of Music City's finest songwriters and now we get to share them with the world on July 15th." He added: "Country music is the new rock 'n' roll. It's not just about porches, dogs and kicking your boots up. It's a whole lot more. It's about being real." Tyler's latest single, and the album's title track, will be released on June 24. Tyler co-produced "We're All Somebody From Somewhere" with such heavyweights as T Bone Burnett, Dan Huff, Marti Fredriksen and Jaren Johnston. Tyler spoke about the strength of the new material, telling Rolling Stone: "I believe y'all are gonna listen to this stuff and you're gonna agree with me that it fell from a star. I had nothing to do with this shit, it's just Nashville. There's something so magical about this town and me writing with all these people."

Listen To New RAINBOW Singer RONNIE ROMERO Cover 'Lady Of The Lake' With LORDS OF BLACK

June 24, 2016 - 13:37
Spanish melodic progressive metal masters LORDS OF BLACK — who feature in their ranks new RAINBOW singer Ronnie Romero — recorded a cover version of the RAINBOW classic "Lady Of The Lake" during the sessions for their second album, "II". The track, which was released as a bonus cut with the new disc, can be streamed below. "II" was released on March 18 via Frontiers Music Srl. LORDS OF BLACK is the band formed by Romero, renowned guitarist Tony Hernando and monster drummer Andy C. Their vision was to form a metal band with a modern approach blended with catchy, melodic and progressive elements. After months of intense and hard work on the songs, LORDS OF BLACK independently released its acclaimed self-titled debut which was co-produced by Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN, ex-HELLOWEEN). Metal Hammer Spain deemed it "the best metal album released in Spain this year." LORDS OF BLACK supported the release with a series of very successful live shows, some of them as "very special guest" for high-profile international acts. Then the news of Ronnie Romero joining the new incarnation of RAINBOW broke out. This brought the band to the attention of the international media, with RAINBOW legend Ritchie Blackmore describing Romero's voice as "a cross between Ronnie James Dio and Freddie Mercury." However, now LORDS OF BLACK are ready to conquer the world with "II", an album which will blow the minds of fans of modern melodic metal. Once again co-produced, mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow, the disc is not only the follow-up to LORDS OF BLACK's outstanding and acclaimed debut album, but is an album with superbly crafted songs that will instantly become absolute metal classics. "The new album, being the follow-up to a first record that was so greatly received, had to get to a higher place," says Tony Hernando. "After an intense year of writing and producing, along with the live performances, we came up with songs that are still deep and complicated in some arrangements, but have been written with the live performance in mind… The quest was to come up with something that artistically was meaningful for us as musicians and at the same time could catch the attention of the listeners. We really hope you enjoy this new album and come with us for a great ride!" Tracks like "Merciless", "Everything You're Not", "Insane", "New World's Coming" and "Shadows Of War" showcase the heavy and complex yet very melodic style of the band. The song "The Art of Illusions Part III: The Wasteland" is the conclusion to the trilogy that commenced on the debut album, while the song "Cry No More" is inspired and dedicated to the late, great, Phil Lynott. Regarding how he landed the RAINBOW gig, the Chilean-born Romero told "I don't know from how long they had me on their list, but they contacted me some months ago, at the beginning of summer, to tell me about a chance to an audition . I deeply remember that 'day one' and that first 'hi,' been doing your daily activities and receive an email from Ritchie Blackmore himself is quite hard to assimilate, after a few days days, even weeks." Romero also talked about Ritchie's recent description of his vocal style as "a cross between Ronnie James Dio and Freddie Mercury." He said: "I just think about how lucky I feel, not just to get the gig, but how the hell they found me. Having so many good singers worldwide. From the first contact, I just tried to give my best to get it. I always believed in myself, and with the support of my family and close friends, even more. About his words, I just can be thankful, he put the bar quite high with his description. [Laughs] But I'm also glad with his confidence on me to this huge task."

PERIPHERY: New Song 'Flatline' Available For Streaming

June 24, 2016 - 13:29
Washington D.C.-based prog innovators PERIPHERY will release their new album, "Periphery III: Select Difficulty", on July 22 via Sumerian Records. A song from the CD, "Flatline", can be streamed below. "Periphery III: Select Difficulty" track listing: 01. The Price is Wrong 02. Motormouth 03. Marigold 04. The Way The News Goes… 05. Remain Indoors 06. Habitual Line-Stepper 07. Flatline 08. Absolomb 09. Catch Fire 10. Prayer Position 11. Lune PERIPHERY's own Adam "Nolly" Getgood oversaw production for the album as he did with the "Juggernaut" releases. Nolly will no longer be a touring member of PERIPHERY, as he will be expanding his production work in his native U.K. He remains an integral part, and a member, of PERIPHERY. At this time, no decision has been made about a touring bassist. "Touring with PERIPHERY has shown me some of the most incredible experiences I could ever have imagined, to meet amazing people all over the world and to create friendships for life; it has truly been an honour to perform in front of every audience who has watched us play over the years," he said. "However the touring life isn't something that everyone can continue doing indefinitely, and for me, the time has come where I want to settle into a more normal existence, be able to make plans further into the future than the touring life enables, and to be able to focus more on the studio side of my music career. I will, however, be remaining as a band member and contributing in any way that I can while the band is off the road; I love all of my fellow bandmates like brothers and I'm so grateful for the incredible support they've shown as I make this huge life change. I know they are going to be taking the music and performances to the next level when they hit the road later this year." PERIPHERY's U.S. tour, dubbed the "Sonic Unrest" tour, launches on August 4. The month-long outing, sponsored by D'Addario and Guitar Center, includes openers SIKTH, CHON and TOOTHGRINDER. PERIPHERY will host a four-day, immersive summer camp dubbed the Periphery Summer Jam on July 25-29 at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York.

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Signs With ROADRUNNER, Unveils New Song '570'

June 24, 2016 - 13:06
Roadrunner Records has announced the signing of MOTIONLESS IN WHITE. The Scranton, Pennsylvania-based band has just released its label debut single, "570", via all DSPs. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE commented: "We are very honored to finally announce that we have signed with Roadrunner Records. "Over the past few months, we've had the privilege of getting to know the hard-working team that makes up Roadrunner and felt a connection with their company immediately. It has been a dream of MOTIONLESS IN WHITE for years to someday sign with their label, and we are elated to find that it is a perfect home for the band to continue building our career. "We are very excited to start this new chapter and to keep working hard every day with Roadrunner by our side. "Thank you to Roadrunner Records for opening your home to us, and thank you to all of the fans that have supported our band tirelessly over the years. Your support and contributions have helped lead to all of these amazing developments taking place for our band. We're looking forward to many more years of this with all of you.” MOTIONLESS IN WHITE is hard at work on its long awaited fourth studio album and full-length Roadrunner debut, slated for 2017. "570" marks the band's first new release since 2014's "Reincarnate", which debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart as well as at #9 on The Billboard 200. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE's third studio album was highlighted by the blockbuster title track, a top 20 Active Rock radio favorite accompanied by a striking companion video now boasting close to 10 million individual views. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE will celebrate "570" with nearly non-stop touring, kicking off with this year's Vans Warped Tour. The dates — which see the band topping the new Monster Energy Party Zone — begin June 24th at Dallas, Texas's Gexa Energy Pavilion and then continue through mid-August. From there, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE will join forces with KORN and BREAKING BENJAMIN on the eagerly awaited "Nocturnal Underground Tour". The trek — also featuring SILVER SNAKES — gets underway September 27 at Cedar Rapids, Iowa's US Cellular Center and then runs through mid-October. As if that weren't enough, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE will be among the stars performing at a number of upcoming heavy music festivals, including Chester, Pennsylvania's Rock Allegiance (September 17), Louisville, Kentucky's Louder Than Life (October 1), and Sacramento, California's Aftershock (October 22). Founded in 2005, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE have won over audiences worldwide with their aggressive music and arresting imagery. The band – currently comprising lead singer Chris Motionless, guitarists Ryan Sitkowski and Ricky Horror, keyboardist Josh Balz, bassist Devin "Ghost" Sola, and drummer Vinny Mauro – have proven a ferocious and inventive live act, earning an increasingly fervent fan following via countless headline shows, festival sets, and tours alongside such iconic acts as SLIPKNOT, LAMB OF GOD and A DAY TO REMEMBER, among others.

WHITECHAPEL: 'Elitist Ones' Video Premiere

June 24, 2016 - 12:28
"Mark Of The Blade", the sixth full-length album from Knoxville, Tennessee death metallers WHITECHAPEL, is being released today (Friday, June 24) via Metal Blade Records. According to a press release, the new record "remains true to the band's roots while venturing into previously unexplored territory, both sonically and lyrically." The official video for the song "Elitist Ones" can be seen below. The clip was directed and produced by Jim Foster, who states: "As fans of WHITECHAPEL, my entire team and I were stoked when Mike Faley (Metal Blade Records) asked me to write a treatment and direct for the band. As a director, my job is always easier when the band is rippin'...and holy shit are these guys RIPPIN'!" Reunited with producer Mark Lewis (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, CANNIBAL CORPSE), WHITECHAPEL has redefined who they are and what they are capable of with "Mark Of The Blade". Kicking off with "The Void" — which has a SLAYER-esque ferocity that is perfectly suited to the band's three-guitar attack — the songs that follow all leave a distinct impression, and by the time the rich, dark melodies on "Decennium" bring the record to a close, it's impossible to deny the emotional weight brought to bear. "It's the most dynamic record we've done, in the sense that one song can be very aggressive while the next one will be softer and sentimental," Wade asserts. "At this point in our career and as we grow older, we are taking a more open-minded approach to creating our music, allowing what we think sounds good to evolve naturally, rather than to just write what is expected of us." "Mark Of The Blade" track listing: 01. The Void 02. Mark of the Blade 03. Elitist Ones 04. Bring Me Home 05. Tremors 06. A Killing Industry 07. Tormented 08. Brotherhood 09. Dwell in the Shadows 10. Venomous 11. Decennium WHITECHAPEL will join ATREYU, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, EVERY TIME I DIE, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, and many more on this year's Vans Warped Tour.

SOILWORK: Lyric Video For New Song 'Helsinki'

June 24, 2016 - 12:09
Swedish metallers SOILWORK will release a special collection of rarities titled "Death Resonance" on August 19 via Nuclear Blast. The cover art was created by MNEMIC guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie (VOLBEAT, CARCASS, SCAR SYMMETRY, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) and can be seen below. SOILWORK has released one of the two brand new songs that are featured on "Death Resonance". The lyric video for "Helsinki", created by well-known videographer Tommy Antonini, can be seen below. Commented SOILWORK guitarist David Andersson: "Death. It's a word that might be used too often, but it can still be interpreted in a myriad different ways. It's not just the soma being deprived of its life-force; it's also the end of infinity, the birth of new possibilities and the acceptance of inevitable change. This song was written soon after the recording of our live album in Finland, making new friends and making sure that the old ones stay with us forever, despite the fact that everything is finite." SOILWORK singer Björn 'Speed' Strid said: "The cover for 'Death Resonance' is made by Mircea Eftemie and in many ways he has managed to capture what we went through while recording 'The Ride Majestic': the sorrow, the close encounter with death, the aftermath and also the existential cogitation that came with it. It links those albums together, even though 'Death Resonance' contains unreleased material from 2005 onwards. The cover almost seems like a link between life and death and not only captures where the band is right now, but also where we've been and what lies ahead." "Death Resonance" track listing: 01. Helsinki (new song) 02. Death Resonance (new song) 03. The End Begins Below The Surface ("The Ride Majestic" Japan bonus track) 04. My Nerves, Your Everyday Tool ("Beyond The Inifite" Japan-only EP) 05. These Absent Eyes ("Beyond The Inifite" Japan-only EP) 06. Resisting The Current ("Beyond The Inifite" Japan-only EP) 07. When Sound Collides ("Beyond The Inifite" Japan-only EP) 08. Forever Lost In Vain ("Beyond The Inifite" Japan-only EP) 09. Sweet Demise ("The Panic Broadcast" Japan bonus track) 10. Sadistic Lullabye (re-recorded, "The Panic Broadcast" Japan bonus track) 11. Overclocked (2016 mix, "Sworn A Great Divide" Japan bonus track) 12. Martyr (2016 mix, "Sworn A Great Divide" Japan bonus track) 13. Sovereign (2016 mix, "Sworn A Great Divide" Japan bonus track) 14. Wherever Thorns May Grow (2016 mix, "Stabbing The Drama" Japan bonus track) 15. Killed By Ignition (2016 mix, "Stabbing The Drama" Japan bonus track) SOILWORK's tenth studio album, "The Ride Majestic", was released worldwide on August 28, 2015 via Nuclear Blast. The band's drummer, Dirk Verbeuren, is currently touring with MEGADETH while Chris Adler is busy on the road with LAMB OF GOD. While Verbeuren is playing with MEGADETH, his seat in SOILWORK is being occupied by Bastian Thusgaard of THE ARCANE ORDER. Joining SOILWORK on tour in support of "The Ride Majestic" is new bassist Markus Wibom, formerly of Helsingborg hardcore group HEARTS ALIVE. Wibom replaced longtime bandmember Ola Flink, who amicably left the group to focus on other endeavors. Wibom had been a personal friend of the band for many years and previously toured with SOILWORK as a guitar tech and lighting designer.

GUNS N' ROSES Kicks Off 'Not In This Lifetime' Tour In Detroit; Video, Photos

June 24, 2016 - 06:04
GUNS N' ROSES kicked off its "Not In This Lifetime" tour Thursday night (June 23) at Detroit, Michigan's Ford Field. 41,000 fans packed the stadium to watch the band play a two-hour-and-35-minute show that started just before 9:45 p.m. Singer Axl Rose reportedly sported six different T-shirts, a leather jacket, five hats and a couple of bandanas during the night, which saw him leaning on guitarist Slash's shoulder during Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door". For the Detroit gig, Rose was no longer confined to the chair he had been seated on ever since breaking his foot during a surprise GUNS club show in April 1 in Los Angeles. The tour features three members of the classic GN'R lineup — Rose, bassist Duff McKagan and Slash — backed by drummer Frank Ferrer, guitarist Richard Fortus, keyboardist Dizzy Reed and new second keyboardist Melissa Reese. The band's setlist was as follows: 01. It's So Easy 02. Mr. Brownstone 03. Chinese Democracy 04. Welcome To The Jungle 05. Double Talkin' Jive 06. Estranged 07. Live And Let Die 08. Rocket Queen 09. You Could Be Mine 10. Raw Power (Iggy and THE STOOGES cover) 11. This I Love 12. Civil War 13. Coma 14. Speak Softly Love (love theme from "The Godfather") 15. Sweet Child O' Mine 16. Better 17. Out Ta Get Me 18. Wish You Were Here 19. November Rain 20. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (BOB DYLAN cover) 21. Nightrain Encore: 22. Don't Cry 23. The Seeker (THE WHO cover) 24. Paradise City Check out fan-filmed video footage and photos below. Footage was released on June 18 of former GUNS drummer Steven Adler practicing "Paradise City", leading to speculation that he would at least make a guest appearance on the band's reunion tour. According to some reports, Adler was actually going to perform with GUNS N' ROSES on April 1, but was unable to play due to a back injury. GUNS N' ROSES played its first show since reuniting at Hollywood's Troubadour nightclub, where the band began its career more than 30 years ago. The group also played two shows at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas before doing two stints at Coachella and two Mexico City gigs. Rose just finished a stint as lead vocalist for AC/DC on that band's European festival run, and is slated to play at least ten North American shows with that group right after GUNS complete their stadium run.

Wow. Alice In Chains and Guns & Roses was great! GnR played for over three hours! This is my favorite shot from tonight--Axl and Slash. #GunsAndRoses #Slash #appetitefordestruction

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Axl & Slash together again! #GunsAndRoses

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A video posted by Daniel Starr (@sardonumspason) on Jun 23, 2016 at 10:04pm PDT

THANK YOU #DETROIT up next... #NotInThisLifetime #GnFnR Get your tickets

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Show number one is TONIGHT with @AliceInChains. Check out @LiveNation for BTS at @FordField! #NotInThisLifetime Tour #GnFnR

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AEROSMITH's STEVEN TYLER To Perform On 'Today' Show Tomorrow

June 23, 2016 - 23:12
AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler will preview songs from his debut solo album, the country-tinged "We're All Somebody From Somewhere", when he performs Friday morning, June 24 in New York City as part of the "Today" show's concert series. Viewing is on a first-come, first-served basis on The Today Plaza, located at 48th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues. To get the best spot, fans should try to arrive by 5 a.m. The show is outdoors on Rockefeller Plaza and will go on rain or shine. Please dress casual and weather appropriate. Tyler's appearance comes just a week before he kicks off his summer tour, which begins July 2 and will run through September. "We're All Somebody From Somewhere" will arive on July 15 via Big Machine Label Group's Dot Records. The AEROSMITH frontman appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and spoke about the album, explaining: "I headed down to Nashville last spring to start working on this project, wrote some kick-ass songs with some of Music City's finest songwriters and now we get to share them with the world on July 15th." He added: "Country music is the new rock 'n' roll. It's not just about porches, dogs and kicking your boots up. It's a whole lot more. It's about being real." Tyler's latest single, and the album's title track, will be released on June 24. Tyler co-produced "We're All Somebody From Somewhere" with such heavyweights as T Bone Burnett, Dan Huff, Marti Fredriksen and Jaren Johnston. Tyler spoke about the strength of the new material, telling Rolling Stone: "I believe y'all are gonna listen to this stuff and you're gonna agree with me that it fell from a star. I had nothing to do with this shit, it's just Nashville. There's something so magical about this town and me writing with all these people."

STONE SOUR's New Songs Are 'Turning Out Amazing,' Says Bassist JOHNY CHOW

June 23, 2016 - 22:53
STONE SOUR will enter the studio in January 2017 to begin recording its long-awaited follow-up to its last collection of original music, "House Of Gold And Bones", a double concept album which was released in two parts in 2012 and 2013. The new CD will take two months to record and one month to mix, with plans to release the effort in the summer of 2017, just in time for the festival season. STONE SOUR bassist Johny Chow told Meltdown of the WRIF radio station in Detroit, Michigan last week that the band is continuing to be patient with frontman Corey Taylor, who is juggling his duties between SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR. "What's happening [with STONE SOUR right now] is, obviously, SLIPKNOT's out on their [touring] cycle and they'll be finishing up their cycle at some point this year," he said (hear audio below). "And we — meaning STONE SOUR — will be getting in the studio hopefully January and February of next year. Now, we did those couple of releases of those EPs, of the covers, just to kind of keep us current and keep us moving without actually writing an album — instead of the band just going dark and the web site going dark and three and a half years of nothing happening. It could be a little detrimental at times to pick those pieces back up and convince everybody to come on back on board — 'the band's still here' kind of thing. But we've actually been out to Burbank [California], where Roy Mayorga, the drummer of STONE SOUR, has a studio [called Room 237]; he's converted his garage into a studio, and it's really a kick-ass studio he's got there. And we've been, over the past couple of years, while Corey has been out with SLIPKNOT, we've all been writing a ton of music and passing it back and forth through e-mails. And we were able to finally get out to Burbank a couple of times in the past months and recorded twelve songs already — just demos. And we plan on getting back out to Burbank hopefully within the next few months here. We've got another six to eight songs that we're gonna lay down. And when we go in the studio, we're ready to go. We'll have the songs. We will have sat on the songs for a little bit to figure out what we might do a little bit differently or change here and there." Chow also talked about the songwriting process in STONE SOUR and how it is affected by the fact that the members of the band are at times busy touring with other projects. He said: "Basically, all of us… we're in the age where everybody's got some sort of a home studio. It's one of those things… When Corey said, 'Okay, guys. I'm gonna be starting up on this SLIPKNOT tour. You know how a lot of it is — it's the 'hurry up and wait' and sitting in that dressing room. So send me any ideas, riffs, completed songs, whatever it may be. Just start sending them my way.' So we have. Whether it's… Christian's [Martucci, guitar] got a whole song. Josh [Rand, guitar] has a whole song, or Roy, or myself, or Corey. Or it's… I've sent Christian… 'Hey, Christian, here's ten riffs,' and me and Christian have pieced together some songs that way. We have some sort of a structured song before we even get there. Then we all fly out, we all get in that studio together, including Corey, when he's got a little bit of downtime in between tours. And it's turning out amazing right now. I wasn't expecting how awesome these songs are. They're really solid. I'm really, really psyched on them. A lot of high energy." Taylor recently told Loudwire that the band has demoed "about fifteen" new songs that he said were "really, really strong," with plans to complete ten more and then "see where we're at." He praised the new material as "amazing," explaining: "The stuff we're writing right now, it's got elements of metal, it's got elements of hard rock, it's got elements of punk, it's got all these things that we all love and we all share, and we're just kind of shoving it through the STONE SOUR funnel and seeing what happens, and it's all really, really, really good." STONE SOUR, has released two EPs of cover songs — "Meanwhile In Burbank…" and "Straight Out Of Burbank" — and was slated to issue a third, titled "No Sleep 'Till Burbank", but those plans now appear to have been scrapped. Taylor told the "Someone Who Isn't Me" podcast: "Originally we were going to do three [covers EPs], and now it sounds like we're just going to do the two and just keep the other stuff we recorded as extra content for when we make the next album." STONE SOUR last year named Christian Martucci as the permanent replacement for Jim Root, who was dismissed from the band in late 2013 after he decided to sit out the group's last tour in order to begin working on the new SLIPKNOT album. Martucci was recruited to play on that tour and was confirmed as a permanent member in March 2015 in a Facebook post. Root did not speak kindly of STONE SOUR in interviews after he was fired, saying, "Some of the guys in STONE SOUR, I think they just want to be a radio band and write strictly for radio and try to be more of a poppy rock band. And that's not really what I'm into. There's at least one guy in the band that's only concerned about money. I really have no desire to associate with people like that anymore." Root played on all five STONE SOUR studio records to date, including 2010's "Audio Secrecy" and "House Of Gold & Bones". Interview (audio):

Ex-JUDAS PRIEST Singer TIM 'RIPPER' OWENS Denied Entry To U.K.; WILDFIRE Festival Appearance Canceled

June 23, 2016 - 21:15
Former JUDAS PRIEST and ICED EARTH frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens was forced to cancel his scheduled appearance at Scotland's only rock and metal festival after being denied entry to the United Kingdom earlier today (Thursday, June 23). Owens's June 24 appearance at Wildfire was being billed as "an exclusive one-off U.K." gig where he was supposed "perform tracks from the JUDAS PRIEST 'Live In London' album" as well as select cuts from both "Demolition" and "Jugulator", the two studio albums he recorded with the band. The festival organizers said in a statement: "It is with massive regret that we have to announce that Tim Owens will no longer be able to play tomorrow night's show. "We arrived at Glasgow Airport this morning as Tim took time out from his tour of the Ukraine to play for us at Wildfire. Unfortunately, U.K. border patrol will not let him into the U.K. at this point in time and although we are trying everything we are able, we have little say in changing the minds of such a powerful U.K. agency. "Both Tim and Wildfire would like to offer our sincere apologies at this time." Asked in a recent interview about being accused by some JUDAS PRIEST fans of changing the band's sound to a more brutal, modern direction on "Jugulator", Owens said: "Listen, if it's my fault that JUDAS PRIEST changed, then whose fault is it….? Every record JUDAS PRIEST puts out is different. I mean, 'Nostradamus' sounds nothing like JUDAS PRIEST ever wrote, ever. 'Turbo' sounded nothing like JUDAS PRIEST. You know, JUDAS PRIEST changes. They wrote 'Painkiller', and 'Jugulator' was a transition; it was kind of following what was going on." He continued: "You've gotta remember, JUDAS PRIEST always went with the times a little bit. Glenn [Tipton, guitar] started playing arpeggios. PANTERA was really big [at the time]. [On the] 'Painkiller' [tour], they toured with PANTERA; PANTERA opened for JUDAS PRIEST. 'Painkiller' was a heavy record, and this was a natural progression. The difference is I probably had a few more different layers to my voice that they could tap into — some deeper, death metal kind of undertones to do backups and some different types of voices that they might be able to try. But it was JUDAS PRIEST." Owens added: "You've gotta remember: I'm a big fan of JUDAS PRIEST — still am and always was — so me listening to 'Jugulator' and 'Demolition', as a fan, I would be, 'This is great. This is great JUDAS PRIEST stuff.' And as JUDAS PRIEST continued without me, as a fan, I would really look back on the 'Jugulator' record and [go], 'Man, that was some great stuff.' It was JUDAS PRIEST, you know. I mean, not everybody liked 'Turbo'. Some fans did; some didn't. I love JUDAS PRIEST, because they change."

It's 'Too Early' To Talk About New Music From ALICE IN CHAINS, Says WILLIAM DUVALL

June 23, 2016 - 19:14
ALICE IN CHAINS singer/guitarist William DuVall says that it's "too early" to talk about the band's new music, despite the fact that it's been more than three years since the release of their last studio album. "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" came out in 2013 was the band's second disc with DuVall, who joined in 2006 following the 2002 death of original vocalist Layne Staley. Asked if ALICE IN CHAINS has been recording any new material, DuVall told Meltdown of the WRIF radio station in Detroit, Michigan on Wednesday (June 22), the day before AIC's show with GUNS N' ROSES in the city: "I don't know. I know we'll be probably talking about that kind of thing over the next few months. It's still early yet. We've gotta get through this tour first." William also talked about ALICE IN CHAINS' songwriting process and how it has evolved over the years. He said: "We make a habit of kind of starting pretty much with a clean slate every time we've gone in. And that challenges you, so we'll have to see how it manifests this time. But we're not there yet." ALICE IN CHAINS recently announced the second leg of their North American headlining tour, adding Austin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Antonio and more to a run that begins with five arena shows with GUNS N' ROSES on June 23. The tour includes a second New York City date on July 26 following the immediate sell-out of their July 25 show at the Beacon Theatre. Speaking about the GUNS N' ROSES-ALICE IN CHAINS pairing, DuVall said: "They call the tour 'Not In This Lifetime' for a reason, right? 'Cause they never thought it would happen. So we were very excited just even hearing that it was gonna happen, let alone getting to join 'em for part of it." Regarding how ALICE IN CHAINS came to do the GUNS N ROSES shows, William said: "There's a friendship there and a lot of mutual respect over a number of years. We love Duff [McKagan] and Slash, and we were just glad for them that this happened. And, of course, Axl [Rose] is sounding better than ever. So it's just great, man. We're honored to do it. We did the first two gigs back at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas a couple of months ago, so it was a natural fit that we would join them on the stadium leg as well." Asked if he got a chance to check out the GUNS N' ROSES gigs in Las Vegas when ALICE IN CHAINS played with the Axl Rose-fronted outfit back in April, DuVall said: "It was really cool getting to do our gig and then getting to kind of fanboy out a little bit. That was a privilege. To still get to be a fan at this stage of the game is one of the most fun things about this whole gig, man. You can watch guys who are kind of your friends, but you also still really admire them as well, and you get to see them do their thing. So, yeah, man, we were standing right there, stage front, and watching them get down, and it was awesome." "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" came out in 2013 and sold 62,000 copies in its first week of release. Interview (audio):

Listen To New CHEVELLE Song 'Young Wicked'

June 23, 2016 - 18:23
"Young Wicked", a brand new song from CHEVELLE, can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band's forthcoming album, "The North Corridor", which will be released on July 8 via Sony Music. "The North Corridor" was helmed by Joe Barresi, the American record engineer and producer who has previously worked with bands such as KYUSS, MELVINS, TOOL and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE. Drummer Sam Loeffler stated about the songwriting process for the new CD: "We just wanna write a bunch of songs that we like and we wanna play every day on stage. Pete's [Loeffler, guitar/vocals] our writer. He works tirelessly at it. We work on everything together, but Pete writes the songs and he brings them to us and then we compose them as a band, as most bands do. And it's been a really good process. We're super excited to play these songs. 'Cause you play songs for so long, you just wanna play new stuff." Asked if they are involved in picking singles from the albums or if they just leave it to the label to make that decision, Pete said: "We actually battle everyone all the time. We have a good feeling when we get close — ten [or] fifteen songs that we're gonna do. But, ultimately, it comes down to just hashing it out and picking one, which is tough. It's not easy." "The North Corridor" track listing: 01. Door To Door Cannibals 02. Enemies 03. Joyride (Omen) 04. Rivers 05. Last Days 06. Young Wicked 07. Warhol’s Showbiz 08. Punchline 09. Got Burned 10. Shot From A Cannon CHEVELLE has sold more than four million copies of its seven studio albums in the U.S. and scored 13 Top 10 hits at rock radio, including the chart-toppers "Send The Pain Below", "Vitamin R", "Face To The Floor" and "Take Out The Gunman".]