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MEGADETH Plays Special USO Show In Norfolk, Visits George Washington Aircraft Carrier

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MEGADETH played a special USO (United Service Organizations) show earlier tonight (Wednesday, May 4) at Slade Cutter Athletic Park in Norfolk, Virginia. The band also made its first USO visit aboard the carrier George Washington. Check out video footage and photos below. Drummer Chris Adler was unable to join MEGADETH at the event due to his commitments with LAMB OF GOD and was temporarily replaced by Tony Laureano (ex-DIMMU BORGIR, NILE, ANGELCORPSE), the veteran extreme-metal skinsman who has worked as MEGADETH's drum tech since 2011. MEGADETH's current touring lineup is rounded out by Dave Mustaine (guitar, vocals) and David Ellefson (bass) alongside Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro, best known for his work with ANGRA. MEGADETH filmed a video for the song "Post American World" late last month. The track is taken from the band's latest album, "Dystopia", which came out in January. "Dystopia" shifted 49,000 equivalent album units in the U.S. in its first week of release. In terms of pure album sales, "Dystopia" opened with 48,000 copies, marking MEGADETH's highest-charting album since 1992's "Countdown To Extinction" debuted and peaked at No. 2 on the chart dated August 1 of that year. "Dystopia" also logged the group's best sales week since 2007, when "United Abominations" landed at No. 8 with first-week sales of 54,000.

Thanks @Megadeth, @DaveMustaine, and @the_USO for the amazing concert at the Navy base!!

— Nitro (@1893_Snipe) May 5, 2016

#Repost @megadeth Our first USO visit at the USS George Washington CVN-73 supercarrier in Norfolk, VA. #uso #ussgeorgewashington #cvn73 #usnavy #navalstationnorfolk #megadeth #dystopiaworldtour

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METALLICA, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, ALICE IN CHAINS, RATT Members Featured In 'Inside Metal: LA Metal Scene Explodes'

May 4, 2016 - 22:43
The Los Angeles screening for the second "Inside Metal" title "LA Metal Scene Explodes" will take place Thursday, June 2 in Hollywood, California at the Attic (formerly Cinespace) and Monday, June 6 at The Regency Theaters Valley Plaza 6 in North Hollywood, California. This is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut "Inside Metal" film "Pioneers of LA Hard Rock And Metal". This title focuses on the monumental era of the L.A. metal scene, from 1981 to 1986, when local hard rock and metal bands took Los Angeles by storm, featuring in-depth exclusive interviews with over 60 metal icons and pivotal players including musicians, managers, journalists and label execs highlighted by rare archival concert footage, photographs and music from the influential artists of that groundbreaking era. "Inside Metal: LA Metal Scene Explodes" is a two-volume DVD set featuring narration by John Bush of ARMORED SAINT. DVD 1 will be released worldwide on June 10, with DVD 2 to be released in early August. "Inside Metal: LA Metal Scene Explodes" features: * Lars Ulrich (METALLICA) * Stephen Pearcy (RATT) * Carlos Cavazo (QUIET RIOT, RATT) * Jack Russell (GREAT WHITE) * Don Dokken (DOKKEN) * Dave Meniketti (Y&T) * David Ellefson (MEGADETH) * Chris Holmes and Randy Piper (W.A.S.P.) * John Bush and Joey Vera (ARMORED SAINT) * Mike Inez (ALICE IN CHAINS) * Gene Hoglan (TESTAMENT, DETHKLOK) * Ron Keel (STEELER, KEEL) * LEATHERWOLF * Bruce Bouilett (RACER X) * Betsy Weiss (BITCH) * Jaime St. James (BLACK 'N BLUE) * LIZZY BORDEN * Marty Friedman * Marq Torien (BULLETBOYS) * Joe Floyd (WARRIOR) * Ann Boleyn (HELLION) * Steve Plunkett (AUTOGRAPH) * Nadir D'Priest (LONDON) Two screening dates are set for Los Angeles. Several of the featured artists will be on hand at both screenings as will the directors and producers of the film. Both volumes of the movie (80 minutes each) will be screened, with a 20-minute intermission, so please prepare for a three-hour screening. For tickets, press inquiries and guest list information, please contact: Bob Nalbandian at Thursday, June 2, 2016. Showtime 7 p.m. The Attic (formerly Cinespace) 6356 Hollywood Blvd, 2nd level Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 817-3456 *Corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Ivar *Full Bar / Full Menu / Wine & Champaign Bottle Service *After Party Monday, June 6, 2016. Showtime 7 p..m Regency Theatres Valley Plaza 6 6355 Belliingham Ave. North Hollywood, CA 91606 (818) 760-8444 *Off the 170 Fwy and Victory Blvd. (Corner of Victory Blvd. & Laurel Canyon) *Food & Drink Concession (no alcohol) For more information, click here.

SIXX:A.M.'s 'Prayers For The Damned Vol. 1' Projected To Sell 16K-20K Copies First Week

May 4, 2016 - 22:06
According to music industry web site Hits Daily Double, the first volume of "Prayers For The Damned", the new double album from SIXX:A.M., the band featuring MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx alongside guitarist DJ Ashba and vocalist James Michael, is likely to sell between 16,000 and 20,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD was released on April 29 via Eleven Seven Music. It's a universal truth that true artists will always busy themselves creating, and that truly great artists will always find an audience for that work. It is little surprise then that despite storied individual histories playing in and working with some of the most iconic bands ever to have stalked the planet, Sixx, Ashba and Michael find themselves on the brink of unleashing yet another rock monster onto a burgeoning fan-base, that has already taken them firmly to their hearts. "Prayers For The Damned", the fourth studio album from a trio, represents the band's most ambitious, complete and adrenaline-soaked effort to date. The album also boasts first-class production and mixing by Michael and original artwork from Ashba, proving that this collection of music is a true labor of passion. "When we toured our last record (2014's 'Modern Vintage'), it was the first time we had really been a band that existed outside of the studio," confesses Michael. "Playing those songs we finally realized how much fun this band is and finally admitted to ourselves that, yes, we are a proper live band. DJ took the decision to leave GUNS N' ROSES and Nikki wrapped up MÖTLEY CRÜE. There are no distractions anymore and we're all 100% dedicated to SIXX:A.M. now." "We've been together for seven years and I believe we've just got tighter and tighter in that time," adds Ashba. "For me, on our last tour, something clicked inside. What touched me most was seeing what our songs had some to mean to people." "It's absolutely time for us to treat this band with the time and energy it deserves," echoes Sixx. "It's a gang, a tribe and we're incredibly proud of that." But if SIXX:A.M.'s tour schedule cemented what many already knew — that this is a truly special band capable of breath-stealing brilliance — it also reminded the band of the abiding power of pedal-down rock'n'roll. "'Prayers For The Damned' includes some of the heaviest songs I've ever been involved with writing," smiles Sixx. "These are the songs that are designed to get a reaction from a live crowd as much as they are going to sound brilliant over your stereo." To that end, the first single, "Rise" is a full-blooded head-banger, which distills all of hard rock's most joyously unrestrained traits and garnishes them with a chorus that stretches to the stratosphere and back with consummate ease — truly an anthem that would grace any stadium or festival field the globe over. Michael explains the song's message: "Throughout history, some of the most dramatic changes have occurred when people reject the status quo and demand change. 'Rise' is about how we find ourselves at a global tipping point and how it is our duty as citizens of this world to come together, communicate with one another and rise up to demand more of ourselves and our leaders." Elsewhere, the depth and quality of the musicianship on offer on the likes of the groove-laden "You've Come To The Right Place" and the deliciously smouldering title track is of the sky-high standards you'd expect from three musicians whose reputations speak entirely for themselves. "James and DJ are two of the most talented musicians I have ever met," enthuses Sixx. "Every day we went into the studio they would be pushing me further and harder to get the best from myself and the performances they have delivered on this record are exceptional." "I feel like, as a guitar player, this is the album I have always dreamed of making," adds Ashba. "There are techniques and styles on here that surpass anything I've ever even attempted with this band. We felt it was really time to experiment, we never want to make the same record twice — and this is us doing what we do best, heavy songs with a deep, meaningful lyricism." Indeed, while "Prayers For The Damned" is characterized by towering riffs and broad brushstrokes of melody, it's also an album possessed of philosophically hopeful overtones. "A song like 'Rise' speaks to the fact that you don't have to look very far around the world to see people standing together and rising up against some oppressive force," offers Sixx. "We're not a political band but we certainly do believe in a unity between people. The only time when things make a change for the positive is when people put their differences aside, rise up and stand together. A big part of our message is, and will always be finding hope in dark subject matters, taking universal messages and rendering them in a way which people can ascribe their own meanings to and relate to their own life experiences. That is something that resonates with our crowd and gives us the strength of connection we do." If "Prayers For The Damned" sees the trio casting their glance out onto the world we live in more than ever before, there is still a deal of the personal introspection the band have come to be renowned for represented here. The ebbing slow burn of "Better Man", for example, sees Michael facing the demons of self-doubt we all experience with typical honesty, all against the most epic of instrumental backdrops. The bottom line is that SIXX:A.M. are coming back swinging with a collection of songs that will fire up both the head and heart in equal measure — a band who, after a longer gestation period than most, are now finding their true sound and producing art that refuses to be led by anything but their own desires. "What we have all done in the past has liberated us to do exactly what we want now," smiles Ashba. "'Prayers For The Damned' is nothing more than the three of us expressing ourselves as friends who love making music together. My favourite thing about this band is everyone involved is a true artist: it's honest and it's pure and I think people see, and instantly relate to, that." "This time around we have really found what the voice of SIXX:A.M. is and I hope that when people listen to them they will hear their voice too," adds Sixx. "For any fans who listened to 'Modern Vintage' and were wondering, 'Where does SIXX:A.M. go next?', this record will be a comprehensive answer." Heavy, emotional and firmly firing on all cylinders, this megastar trio are about to secure themselves as a modern hard rock force to be reckoned with — a band who, four albums in, are only just getting started. "The future of this band is incredibly, incredibly bright," closes Michael. "And we are about to pull the trigger." "Prayers For The Damned Vol. 1" track listing: 01. Rise 02. You Have Come To The Right Place 03. I'm Sick 04. Prayers For The Damned 05. Better Man 06. Can't Stop 07. When We Were Gods 08. Belly Of The Beast 09. Everything Went To Hell 10. The Last Time (My Heart Will Hit The Ground) 11. Rise Of The Melancholy Empire

New ROB ZOMBIE Album Projected To Sell 30K-35K Copies First Week

May 4, 2016 - 21:45
According to music industry web site Hits Daily Double, ROB ZOMBIE's new album, "The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser", is likely to sell between 30,000 and 35,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The SPS figure is expected to be between 34,000 and 39,000. SPS, a practice used by Billboard magazine, stands for "sales plus streaming," which includes album sales and converted track sales plus converted streaming data. For those interested: 10 tracks sold equal one album sale (since $1.29, the cost for an individual track, multiplied by ten gives you $12.99, a common price for an album, and 1,500 streams is equivalent to one album sale. "The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser" was released on April 29 via UMe/T-Boy Records. Regarding his decision to keep the new album and songs short, Rob told Rolling Stone magazine: "Whenever I go through records that I love and I listen to over and over and over, I go, 'Man, this record's short. That's why I loved it so much.' It's, like, thirty minutes, so I've listened to it nine thousand times, whereas you have other records where you go, 'Yeah, I know that record's great, but it's, like, seventy-five minutes long, or the tracks are, like, six minutes long.' Like, I'd go back and look at BEATLES records and go, like, 'These songs are like a minute-and-a-half long. They don't feel a minute-and-a-half long.' Even when… Later, on 'Magical Mystery Tour', I used to think, 'Oh, well, these songs are much longer.' But they're not really; they're still short songs, but they seem epic. I love long songs, but if you're gonna write a song that long, it's better be 'Freebird' or 'Stairway To Heaven' or something. It'd better be worth my time." "The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser" was produced by Chris "Zeuss" Harris and features Zombie alongside guitarist John 5, bassist Piggy D and drummer Ginger Fish.

FEAR FACTORY Is 'Tossing Around' Idea Of Performing Entire 'Obsolete' Album On Upcoming Tour

May 4, 2016 - 18:24
Nev Pearce of Australia's "Rabid Noise" podcast recently conducted an interview with FEAR FACTORY frontman Burton C. Bell. You can now listen to the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). On performing FEAR FACTORY's 1995 album, "Demanufacture" in its entirety to celebrate the LP's 20th anniversary: Burton: "It's fun. It's more exciting to see the crowd react than me playing them, 'cause I've played them… There's a couple of songs that we've rarely played over the years, and there's one song we've never played, but, for the most part, we've played all those songs throughout the years, and so, for me, it's just the same old thing. But the best part is watching the audience reaction to the setlist, so that's what's important… The fans love it [when we play songs like 'H-K (Hunter-Killer)']. It's a good song. I'd say the lyrical content is pertinent to what's happening in today's world all over, so I think people still understand it and feel it." On whether FEAR FACTORY's "Demanufacture" 20th-anniversary tour in the U.S. is being filmed for DVD release: Burton: "No. It is not being filmed. It costs money, and money is one thing this band doesn't have. The labels don't give, really, support very much anymore. They do the best they can, but there's no support in making DVDs anymore, 'cause no one really buys DVDs; everything's on YouTube." On whether there is a chance that FEAR FACTORY will embark on a special tour during which it will perform its 1998 album "Obsolete" in its entirety: Burton: "It's being tossed around. With today's market, the fans are more interested in nostalgia than anything really new, and so nostalgia seems to sell, and this 'Demanufacture' tour seems to be doing really well because of that. And so we'll see… We are tossing around the idea of doing 'Obsolete'." "Obsolete" remains the only FEAR FACTORY album to have achieved gold status in the U.S., driven largely by the success of its fourth single, "Cars", a Gary Numan cover that featured Numan himself on vocals. FEAR FACTORY's latest album, "Genexus", was released on August 7, 2015 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The follow-up to 2012's "The Industrialist" was co-produced by longtime collaborator Rhys Fulber, along with guitarist Dino Cazares and vocalist Burton C. Bell and mixed by Andy Sneap (ARCH ENEMY, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, MACHINE HEAD). Artwork was once again handled by Anthony Clarkson. Drums on "Genexus" were performed by Mike Heller (MALIGNANCY).

MAX CAVALERA Featured In Latest Episode Of 'Tour Pranks'

May 4, 2016 - 17:45
Each episode of Digital Tour Bus's "Tour Pranks" features an artist telling one or more of their favorite prank stories from being on tour. In the latest episode, which was filmed on October 11, 2015 in Joliet, Illinois, SOULFLY mainman Max Cavalera reveals some of the the pranks he and his bandmates have pulled on the road. Drummer Zyon Cavalera did not play with SOULFLY on the band's recent South American tour, which concluded on April 16 in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic's capital city. Filling in for him was Kanky Lora, who plays drums for SOULFLY guitarist Marc Rizzo's solo band. SOULFLY last month embarked on a four-week U.S. headlining tour. Joining them on the trek are brutal death metal legends SUFFOCATION, Metal Blade recording artists BATTLECROSS, as well as ABORMALITY and LODY KONG. SOULFLY's tenth studio album, "Archangel", was released on August 14, 2015 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The CD was produced and mixed by Matt Hyde (SLAYER, BEHEMOTH, CHILDREN OF BODOM), and features cover artwork by artist Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, HATEBREED, ICED EARTH, SODOM). Plying bass for SOULFLY is Mike Leon, who was previously a member of HAVOK. Leon said: "I've been a fan of Max [Cavalera, SOULFLY mainman] and his music since I was a little kid, and to be playing with him and the guys now is truly unbelievable!"


May 4, 2016 - 17:24
SWEET CREATURE is a new hard rock band fronted by Martin Sweet, best known as lead guitarist for Swedish sleaze rockers CRASHDÏET. Together with brother Michael of TOXICROSE on drums, Tin Star of GEMINI FIVE on bass, and longtime songwriting partner Linus Nirbrant from THIS ENDING on rhythm guitar, the group has recorded a full-length studio album due later this year. First out is the single "Not Like Others", the official video for which can be seen below. The clip was directed by Jimmy Johansson of Super Lino Puro Productions. Martin, who is handling the lead vocals, describes the sound as classic hard rock with gloomy melodies and lyrics. "I have all these songs that don't necessary fit in to the CRASHDÏET formula, so I figured it was time to work with other musicians," he says. "I've always sung on my own demos so taking on the lead vocals is nothing new to me." SWEET CREATURE's as-yet-untitled album is currently being mixed at Linus's own Audiogrind Studio. The band has not yet decided on a suitable record label to release the effort. SWEET CREATURE is: Martin Sweet - lead vocals, lead guitar Michael Txc - drums Linus Nirbrant - vocals, rhythm guitar Tin Star - bass Martin Sweet has been a member of CRASHDÏET for over a decade, with four albums and extensive global touring under his belt. Linus, a studio technician and death metal guitarist, has a long history of writing and recording with Martin. They started working on the project as an experiment in 2014 with a goal of recording a simple four-song EP. The project however, was so satisfying that the decision to make an album was inevitable. The name SWEET CREATURE is taken from Martin Sweet, but it also comes from the devilish character on the single cover art created by A.Fyra. "He's called Vester and lives inside us all,"says Martin. As for the status of CRASHDÏET, Martin states: "CRASHDÏET is not over. It's just sleeping and recovering from the past ten years of mayhem. Meanwhile, I'm truly excited about SWEET CREATURE."

ANGUS YOUNG Treated BRIAN JOHNSON's Exit From AC/DC 'Like WALMART Replacing A Cashier,' Says JIM BREUER

May 4, 2016 - 16:41
AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson's close friend, comedian Jim Breuer, says that the singer "came off classy" and the band's co-founding guitarist, Angus Young, "came off cold" when the announcement was made that AC/DC would reschedule shows without the vocalist. The legendary Australian rock band postponed the last ten dates of its recent North American tour after doctors told Johnson he faced "total hearing loss." AC/DC has since announced that it will use GUNS N' ROSES singer Axl Rose as a "guest vocalist" when it resumes its tour this weekend, with Johnson apparently not returning to the band at all. During an appearance on a recent edition of the "Talk Toomey" podcast (hear audio below), Breuer stated about Brian's exit from AC/DC: "As a fan, I will say I don't think he was treated well at all. At the end of the day, Brian is a huge, huge entity, and he is just [as much of] a part of AC/DC as the [Young] brothers, whether they wanna realize it or not. And as a fan, and I think I could speak for a lot of fans, it was a little awkward that, here's a man that's been with you for 36 years, he took you to a new stratosphere, he put you in the stratosphere. When you first heard 'Back In Black' and 'You Shook Me All Night Long', no one said, 'Wow, that Angus Young is amazing.' They went, 'Jesus! Who is this guy? How did this guy replace Bon [Scott]? How is this possible?' And to tour and to be part of that band, and after that long, you hear Brian's hearing is going and he can't really tour, me as a fan — and I think most fans — would think you'd see the band together in a press conference. And they [would be] all, like, 'We feel horrible for Brian here. We put so many years together. But Brian's gonna try to get help. And he's gonna come with us and introduce… And we're gonna look for a singer and we're gonna move on. But we all love Brian, and this is kind of a goodbye-to-Brian tour.' And to not see that and just read a headline that says 'We're replacing… looking for new singers,' and you don't hear anything from Brian until Axl is official… me personally, it's a little weird." Breuer went on to say that, as a longtime fan who considers AC/DC to be his "all-time greatest band," he was "hurt… to watch just the way that was [handled]. I mean, you could have made a celebration. And it seemed like, at the end, when it was all said and done, Brian came off very classy, and Angus came off cold, like Walmart just replacing a cashier… like he's replacing a cashier. Which, again, that's right, but he needs to know his audience, and he needs to know how much love, time, investment and money we put into Brian Johnson. And he is a huge, huge voice and part of AC/DC and rock and roll, period." Johnson issued a statement on April 19 in which he detailed the hearing problems that forced him to stop touring. While he promised to continue recording, he couldn't say whether he would ever perform onstage with AC/DC again. Johnson said his hearing problems were interfering with his ability to perform and he added that he has continued to consult with doctors, and was told that he could not "perform on stage at arena and stadium size venues where the sound levels are beyond my current tolerance, without the risk of substantial hearing loss and possibly total deafness." Looking forward, he said, "My entire focus is to continue medical treatment to improve my hearing. I am hoping that in time my hearing will improve and allow me to return to live concert performances. While the outcome is uncertain, my attitude is optimistic." Breuer made headlines in March when he said on his podcast that Johnson felt "kicked to the curb" when the band announced it would reschedule shows without him. In his original comments, Breuer said he saw Johnson in Sarasota, Florida on March 11, where the singer told him that his doctor had confirmed some hearing loss during the first, mostly outdoor, leg of AC/DC's world tour. Breuer said at the time that Johnson told him: "The doctor said, 'Now you're gonna go out and do indoor shows? I do not put my name on this. You're a grown man. You make a decision, but I would not mess around with this at all.'" Johnson then went to Angus Young and AC/DC management to explain the situation, according to Breuer, who said: "Brian said that he called and let AC/DC and Young know, 'Hey, this is what the doctor said, but let's try to figure this out. I don't think it's as bad as he said it is.' Literally the next day in the press, it was 'Brian Johnson, tour canceled, he's losing his hearing.'" Breuer continued: "Johnson said he just called and gave that information. He didn't say he wanted to quit. He didn't say he was done. He called with that information, and two days later, he read in the papers and heard on Twitter and everywhere else, 'Brian Johnson going deaf canceling tour.' A day later, and it was, 'Oh, we're gonna have guest singers.'" Breuer said that Johnson still felt like a "hired gun" after 36 years, and that Angus Young as the band's youngest member wants to keep going for another decade and at least one more album and tour. Johnson has been AC/DC's singer since 1980, when he replaced the late Bon Scott. He made his recording debut with the group on the classic "Back In Black". AC/DC has been on the road since last year in support of its 16th studio album, "Rock Or Bust". Interview (audio):

MOTÖRHEAD Snaggletooth Cider Now Available In U.K.

May 4, 2016 - 16:24
Global Brews has teamed up with Icon Beverages company and the rock band MOTÖRHEAD to launch a new apple cider. Snaggletooth — named after one of the band's songs — is the result of 12 months' worth of development. A 5.5% ABV bottled cider, it is described as a "unique sweetened dry British apple cider, crafted with a juice blend of the finest Dabinet, Michelin and dessert apple varieties to give a perfectly balanced, refreshing taste. "Created in tribute to and in celebration of the loudest rock music on the planet, Snaggletooth Motörhead Cider packs a real punch." MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell said: "As a longtime cider aficionado, I am well qualified and proud to recommend this golden liquid." MOTÖRHEAD's branded Snaggletooth cider follows the earlier release of a lager, vodka, shiraz and whisky as part of MOTÖRHEAD's beverage portfolio. Global Brews was formed in 2011 to support MOTÖRHEAD and other rock bands in the development of quality beverage products and has an expanding portfolio of "rocking beverages." MOTÖRHEAD frontman Lemmy died last December at the age of 70. He told The Guardian earlier in the year that he had changed his lifestyle by swapping from Jack and Coke to vodka and orange, apparently to help with his diabetes. "I like orange juice better," he said. "So, Coca-Cola can fuck off."

SLIPKNOT's COREY TAYLOR Lands Role In 'Sharknado: The 4th Awakens'

May 4, 2016 - 16:00
SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor will play a Shark World hotel security guard in the fourth installment in Syfy's cult "Sharknado" franchise, which will air Sunday, July 31 at 8 p.m. on the cable network. In "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens", Ian Ziering will reprise his role as shark-fighting hero Fin Shepard, while Tara Reid is set to return as April Wexler. The fourth addition to the hit global franchise also sees the return of David Hasselhoff as Gil Shepard and Ryan Newman as Claudia Shepard. "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens" will take place five years after the East Coast was ravaged in "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" Fin, his family and the cosmos have been blissfully sharknado-free in the intervening years, but now sharks — and 'nados! - are being whipped up in places (and ways) least expected... "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens" will also star: * Cynthia Bailey ("The Real Housewives Of Atlanta"), Robert Herjavec ("Shark Tank"), Kym Johnson ("Dancing With The Stars"), TV host Carrie Keagan, T'Keyah Crystal Keymah ("That's So Raven"), Gena Lee Nolin ("Sheena") and Alexandra Paul ("Baywatch") will play various Astro-X rocket scientists and astrophysicists. * Benjy Bronk ("The Howard Stern Show") will play a morning show host. * Duane Chapman ("Dog The Bounty Hunter") will play a chainsaw dealer. * Stacey Dash ("Clueless", Fox News correspondent) will play the Mayor of Chicago. * Jay DeMarcus of RASCAL FLATTS will play the manager of the Shark World hotel. * David Faustino ("Married With Children") will play a Las Vegas gambler. * Lori Greiner ("Shark Tank") will play a home-shopping guru. * MMA fighter Frank Mir will play the head of security for the Shark World hotel. * Dr. Drew Pinsky ("Loveline") will play a pastor. * Patti Stanger ("Millionaire Matchmaker") will play a reporter. * Lastly, the following individuals will appear as themselves: Vince Neil of MÖTLEY CRÜE and Wayne Newton, along with Todd, Savannah and Grayson Chrisley ("Chrisley Knows Best").


May 4, 2016 - 15:42
The 2017 Monsters Of Rock cruise, the seventh edition of the ultimate hard rock/heavy metal experience at sea, will set sail February 2-7, 2017 aboard a new ship and has expanded to six days, visiting two additional ports in the Caribbean for the first time. Appropriately titled Gathering Of Titans, this year's five-night/six-day exclusive full ship charter cruise will set sail out of Tampa, Florida aboard Royal Caribbean's Brilliance Of The Seas, visiting Georgetown, Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico and feature 15-plus artist performances, including headliner Vince Neil of MÖTLEY CRÜE, CINDERELLA's Tom Keifer, QUEENSRŸCHE, NIGHT RANGER, SAXON and STRYPER. As in past years, the cruise will also feature an optional pre-cruise party in Tampa on the evening of Wednesday, February 1 (details to be announced). The cruise goes on sale today (Wednesday, March 4) with cabins starting at $1,099 per person (double occupancy), plus government fees, taxes, and gratuities. Confirmed lineup for the 2017 Monsters Of Rock cruise: VINCE NEIL TOM KEIFER QUEENSRŸCHE NIGHT RANGER SAXON STRYPER SLAUGHTER DANGER DANGER D*A*D SOTO TORA TORA THE ANSWER JOHN CORABI BEASTO BLANCO JOEL HOEKSTRA INGLORIOUS HEAVENS EDGE PARADISE KITTY Plus, Eddie Trunk and comedian Don Jamieson (VH1's "That Metal Show"), San Francisco Bay Area radio host Nikki Blakk and Luc Carl (SiriusXM's Hair Nation) are the official cruise hosts and will moderate Q&As. Metal DJ Will (Studio DJ for VH1's "That Metal Show") is the official cruise DJ. Watch Vince Neil's cruise announcement below. In addition to the band performances, the cruise will feature over-the-top special events only experienced on this voyage, including: MOR Artist Photo Experiences, the first MOR Big Game Party hosting the live broadcast of the Monster Football Game on the pool deck big screen accompanied by a few musical surprises and activities, Monsters Rock & Roll Formal, exclusive MOR Craft Beer Tasting, Monster Gong Show Karaoke and Cooking with Rock Stars hosted by Lisa Tirone of Chef It Up!, with more events to be announced. Royal Caribbean's Brilliance Of The Seas, combines acres of glass enclosing a nine-story central atrium, elevators facing the sea, and floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. Passengers can enjoy the tranquil Solarium pool, recharge at VitalitySM Spa, or reach new heights climbing Royal Caribbean's signature rock-climbing wall. When the sun goes down, the night heats up with epic Monster Performances on stages throughout the vessel. Combined with some of the best food and service afloat, this will be one of the greatest hard rock/heavy metal music extravaganzas ever produced. For booking and more information, visit

DEATH: Listen To Previously Unreleased Version Of 'Legion Of Doom' From 'Scream Bloody Gore' Reissue

May 4, 2016 - 14:40
"Legion Of Doom", a previously unreleased song from the forthcoming reissue of DEATH's classic debut album, "Scream Bloody Gore", can be streamed below. "Legion Of Doom" began life as a MANTAS demo, but the incomplete, instrumental DEATH version from the original "Scream Bloody Gore" Florida recording sessions featuring just Chuck Schuldiner on guitar and Chris Reifert on drums is now finally seeing the light of day for the first time ever. The track appears on Disc 2 of the "Scream Bloody Gore" reissue. DEATH's legendary 1987 debut, "Scream Bloody Gore", is more than just an untouchable album — upon its release, it was positively genre-creating. "Scream Bloody Gore" founded the quintessential death metal sound, with more tormented riffs, screams, and leads than the world had ever imagined, and established Chuck Schuldiner's inimitable phrasing and songwriting style as the most singular voice in the burgeoning genre. Today, the album is viewed unanimously as one of the all-time most important cornerstones of death metal. As the final chapter in Relapse's comprehensive DEATH reissue series, "Scream Bloody Gore" will now receive the deluxe reissue treatment on a wide variety of formats, including 2CD, limited-edition 3CD, LP, deluxe 2xLP boxset, and cassette versions on May 20. Like the preceding DEATH reissues, the deluxe reissue of "Scream Bloody Gore" has been meticulously remastered from the original tapes by Alan Douches (DEATH, MASTODON, NILE) and contains a plethora of bonus content, including previously unreleased recordings and rehearsal demos, super-expanded packaging, and brand-new extensive liner notes from former DEATH drummer/AUTOPSY founder Chris Reifert, SEPULTURA's Max Cavalera, and original "Scream Bloody Gore" producer Randy Burns. Physical pre-orders are available now via at this location. Digital pre-orders can be found via DEATH's Bandcamp page here. "Scream Bloody Gore" (Deluxe Edition) track listing: Disc 1 01. Infernal Death 02. Zombie Ritual 03. Denial Of Life 04. Sacrificial 05. Mutilation 06. Regurgitated Guts 07. Baptized In Blood 08. Torn To Pieces 09. Evil Dead 10. Scream Bloody Gore 11. Beyond The Unholy Grave 12. Land Of No Return Disc 2 13. Torn To Pieces (Original Florida Session) 14. Legion Of Doom (Original Florida Session) 15. Scream Bloody Gore (Original Florida Session) 16. Sacrificial (Original Florida Session) 17. Mutilation (Original Florida Session) 18. Land Of No Return (Original Florida Session) 19. Baptized In Blood (Original Florida Session) 20. Regurgitated Guts (Rehearsals 08-20-1986) 21. Sacrificial (Rehearsals 08-20-1986) 22. Sacrificial - Take 2 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986) 23. Torn To Pieces (Rehearsals 08-20-1986) 24. Do You Love Me? V1 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986) 25. Infernal Death (Rehearsals 08-20-1986) 26. Zombie Ritual (Rehearsals 08-20-1986) 27. Beyond The Unholy Grave (Rehearsals 08-20-1986) 28. Do You Love Me? V2 (Rehearsals 08-20-1986) 29. Denial Of Life (Rehearsals 08-20-1986) Disc 3 30. (Part Of) Scream Bloody Gore (Rehearsals 5/28/86) 31. Legion Of Doom (Rehearsals 5/28/86) 32. Beyond The Unholy Grave (Rehearsals 5/28/86) 33. Scream Bloody Gore (Rehearsals 5/28/86) 34. Torn To Pieces (Rehearsals 5/28/86) 35. Mutilation (Rehearsals 5/26/86) 36. Torn To Pieces (Rehearsals 5/26/86) 37. Zombie Ritual (Rehearsals 5/26/86) 38. Land Of No Return (Rehearsals 5/26/86) 39. (Part of) Evil Dead (Rehearsals 5/26/86) 40. Baptized In Blood (Rehearsals 5/26/86) 41. Infernal Death (Rehearsals 5/26/86) 42. Denial of Life (Rehearsals 5/26/86) 43. Death Metal (Rehearsals 5/26/86) Chuck died on December 13, 2001 after a battle with pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor.

Former AMON AMARTH Drummer's THIS ENDING Announces New Guitarist

May 4, 2016 - 14:18
THIS ENDING, the Swedish death metal band featuring former AMON AMARTH drummer Fredrik Andersson, has recruited Peter Nagy as its new guitar player. Peter is known from such acts as MÖRK GRYNING, ETERNAL OATH and HYPOCRITE, and has been a vital part of the Swedish death metal scene since the '90s. THIS ENDING says: "We're happy and proud to welcome Peter Nagy to THIS ENDING and we're looking forward to all the evil and canorous music we'll make together! Peter has already proven to be a solid and charismatic piece in our puzzle as he made his live debut with us on the release party for 'Garden Of Death' and we are confident that together we'll bring THIS ENDING to a new level!" Peter adds: "I'm very proud and honored to be a part of THIS ENDING. I've been a fan of their music since the first release as A CANOROUS QUINTET, and I've also met the guys several times at the same gigs when sharing the stages with my former bands. Looking forward to contribute to the band with all that comes in the future expectations." THIS ENDING is: Mårten Hansen - Vocals Linus Nirbrant - Guitar Peter Nagy - Guitar Linus Pettersson - Bass Fredrik Andersson - Drums THIS ENDING's third album, "Garden Of Death", was released on April 22 via Apostasy Records. The CD was produced by guitarist Linus Nirbrant at his Audiogrind studio. The cover artwork was created by Björn Gooßes of Killustrations (THE CROWN, NERVECELL, DEW-SCENTED). The limited first edition of "Garden Of Death" also included the tracks from the "Systematic Worship" EP, which was recorded during late 2011 and released the following year. "Garden Of Death" track listing: 01. Torrent Of Souls 02. Blackened Shrine 03. Boundaries Of Hell 04. Dark Samaritan 05. Garden Of Death 06. Victims 07. World Of Nightmares 08. Chaos Within 09. Vultures 10. Our Creation (bonus track) 11. Army Of (N)one (bonus track) 12. No More Silence (bonus track) The song "Torrent Of Souls" can be streamed below.

DANGER DANGER Singer TED POLEY Releases 'Let's Start Something' Music Video

May 4, 2016 - 13:36
The official video for the song "Let's Start Something" from Ted Poley can be seen below. The track is taken from the singer's new solo album, "Beyond The Fade", which will be released on May 13 via Frontiers Music Srl. Best known as lead vocalist for melodic rock masters DANGER DANGER, Ted Poley is also an accomplished solo artist, having released two acclaimed releases, "Collateral Damage" (2006) and "Smile" (2007). The story of "Beyond The Fade" starts after DANGER DANGER's acclaimed performance at Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan in 2014, when Ted and the label developed the idea to work together on some new music. The next step was to speak to producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (HARDLINE, EDGE OF FOREVER) and with a band that he put together, Ted performed at the second edition of the Frontiers Rock Festival. A few months later, Ted came back to Italy to finish the vocals on the album. Ted says: "I am absolutely thrilled with the way the whole album came out. If I have one quote: 'It's awesome!' My great friend and co-producer Alessandro Del Vecchio brought my sonic vision to life and no request from me was too great for him toward his goal of making 'the ultimate Ted Poley solo album" and he surely delivered on his promise. We had a lot of fun making the album and its obvious when you hear it. You can practically hear my smile while I am singing. We decided to make it sound big and there are a ton of backing vocals (in some cases more than 80 tracks of them!), along with great songs, soaring melodic guitar leads, pounding bass and big drums, all layered with cool keyboards... like a delicious musical cake! Save some room for dessert, I know that you are going to love this one!" With songs penned by the brothers Tom and James Martin (VEGA) and "Hands Of Love" written by Tony Bruno/Joe Lynn Turner, the sound of the record is nothing else but Ted Poley at his best, with immediately recognizable hooklines, amazing guitar work, immaculate production and total '80s attitude! "Beyond The Fade" track listing: 01. Let's Start Something 02. Everything We Are 03. Hands Of Love 04. The Perfect Crime 05. Stars 06. Higher 07. Where I Lost You 08. You Won't See Me Cryin' 09. We Are Young 10. Sirens 11. Beneath The Stars Ted Poley: Lead Vocals Issa: duet vocal on "The Perfect Crime" Alessandro Del Vecchio: Drums, Keyboards, Backing Vocals Mario Percudani: Guitar Anna Portalupi: Bass


May 4, 2016 - 13:21
German power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN are returning to North America this fall for the second leg of the "Beyond The Red Mirror" tour. After making a stop at the ProgPower USA festival on Thursday, September 9, the band will kick off the 19-date trek at The Orpheum in Tampa, Florida, with support from fellow German metallers GRAVE DIGGER. Their tour will include one Canadian date as well as stops in Worcester, Milwaukee, and conclude on October 5 at The Fillmore in San Francisco, California. Confirmed tour dates: Sep. 09 - The Orpheum - Tampa, FL Sep. 10 - Revolution - Fort Lauderdale, FL Sep. 12 - Ziggy's By The Sea - Wilmington, NC Sep. 13 - Cats Cradle - Chapel Hill, NC Sep. 15 - Webster Hall - New York, NY Sep. 16 - The Palladium - Worcester, MA Sep. 19 - London Music Hall - London, ON CANADA Sep. 20 - The Crofoot - Pontiac, MI Sep. 22 - Sokol Auditorium - Omaha, NE Sep. 23 - The Rave II - Milwaukee, WI Sep. 24 - Pierre’s Entertainment Center - Fort Wayne, IN Sep. 26 - Warehouse Live - Houston, TX Sep. 27 - Gas Monkey Live - Dallas, TX Sep. 29 - The Summit Music Hall - Denver, CO Sep. 30 - The Complex - Salt Lake City, UT Oct. 01 - House Of Blues - Las Vegas, NV Oct. 02 - Observatory North Park - San Diego, CA Oct. 04 - The Fonda Theatre - Los Angeles Oct. 05 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA Tickets go on sale on this Friday, May 6 at 10 a.m. local time. BLIND GUARDIAN's tenth studio album, "Beyond The Red Mirror", was released in North America in February 2015 via Nuclear Blast. BLIND GUARDIAN vocalist Hansi Kürsch told Spark TV about the orchestral album the band has been working on for the last few years: "We definitely are going to release a live album somewhere in the middle of [2016]. And we're going to continue with the orchestral album. I hope to be finished with everything, including mixing, at the end of 2016, but I doubt that there is a chance that this is going to be released [in 2016], but it will be released in 2017." He continued: "We started writing these songs, I would say, almost twenty years ago. When we did [1998's] 'Nightfall In Middle-Earth', we figured that there were some songs which would not fit in because they were too orchestral, and at that point, we just thought, 'Well, it would be a waste to have a band involved, so just the orchestra and the singing would do the trick.' And ever since, we've built up these songs and came up with new ideas, and they changed a little bit with each album we were working on. Because the progression the people [in the band] were going through had an effect on the songs we were composing. Even though they were different than the regular stuff, they contain a little bit of each era. And this is the interesting thing. But they fit together really well. And just by listening to the music and the vocals, you have the feeling of a great, gigantic, 'Lord Of The Rings'-ish story, and this is what we are intending to make even more obvious to the people by releasing it as we originally intended to have it. Later on, we may even involve the band, because it is possible." Hansi added: "There are, I think, eleven or twelve songs we have composed so far, and we are working on interludes and some reprises and stuff like that at the moment. But at the very end, I'm going to sing all the stuff. And there are a lot of different characters and they will be all performed by. You know, it's a lot of storytelling, so it's going to be nice to see how people will react on it. And we have worked with an orchestra from Prague. We are intending to have two more sessions for the reprises and all the stuff, and then we are basically done. And I hope that [longtime BLIND GUARDIAN producer] Charlie [Bauerfeind] is going to be finished with the mixing, let's say, in November [or] December [of 2016]." Regarding the upcoming live album, Hansi said: "We [recorded] everything. We're doing a sort of best-of collection of all the shows we have done, and we are going for the best songs and the best performances, which means on one hand, it depends on the audience, and on the other hand, it also depends on our performance. They're quite different from city to city and from the status the band has been in. So it's quite entertaining for us to listen to all these shows." "Our last [live] album is twelve years old already, so it's about the right time, because we have released three other albums, so there's plenty of new stuff, but also plenty of old stuff, which the people always wanna listen to. It's interesting for us to see the development of the band during the years because, from what I can say is that we have become a far, far better live band than we have been twelve years ago, so the attraction on the songs, even if it's the same songs, at least for some of the songs, will be the difference in the performance — it's tighter, it's more professional. On the other hand, live always depends on the different feeling of the music and everything. So it will be nice to see how everything turned into a different direction."

WOLVERINE: Lyric Video For New Song 'Machina'

May 4, 2016 - 12:41
Sensory Records, a division of Laser's Edge, will release "Machina Viva", the fifth studio full-length album from Swedish progressive metal kingpins WOLVERINE, on July 8. The track listing for the CD is as follows: 01. The Bedlam Overture 02. Machina 03. Pile Of Ash (ES335 version) 04. Our Last Goodbye 05. Pledge 06. When The Night Comes 07. Nemesis 08. Sheds 09. Pile Of Ash (cello version) (bonus track) The official lyric video for the song "Machina" can be seen below. A natural progression from "Communication Lost", released in 2011 via Candlelight, "Machina Viva" invites the listener into the harmonious yet portentous and sullen musical dimensions of WOLVERINE with perhaps their most dynamic album to date. From the fourteen-minute epic and powerful "The Bedlam Overture" and the dark electronic landscapes of "Machina", to the naked and organic nature of "Pile Of Ash" and "Sheds", "Machina Viva" is the next step in WOLVERINE's explorations in the progressive field. Recorded and produced by WOLVERINE in various locations throughout Sweden during the autumn and winter months of late 2015 and early 2016, "Machina Viva" was mixed at Spacelab Studio in Germany by Christian "Moschus" Moos (EVERON, HAKEN, DELAIN, CLOVERSEEDS), and mastered by Grammy Award-winning audio engineer Bob Katz. Laser's Edge/Sensory owner Ken Golden states of the signing: "WOLVERINE has been on my radar since their first release, 'The Window Purpose', back in 2001. I've followed their progression through the years and I'm honored to have them on the Sensory roster." Says WOLVERINE about signing with Sensory Records: "We are very happy to work with someone like Ken and Sensory that has a genuine passion for and interest in the kind of music that we play." WOLVERINE was formed in 1995 by vocalist Stefan Zell and drummer Marcus Losbjer. Initially the band was all about death metal, but they soon allowed a more melodic approach to influence their sound. Since their inception, the band has pushed out of boundaries of heavy metal and evolved through inventiveness and explorative ambition, now incorporating a wider spectrum of musical elements into their own progressive sound. WOLVERINE is: Per Henriksson - keyboards Marcus Losbjer - drums Thomas Jansson - bass Jonas Jonsson - guitars Stefan Zell – vocals Photo by Mattias Wigforss

LED ZEPPELIN 'Stairway To Heaven' Copyright Lawsuit Delayed

May 4, 2016 - 12:06
According to, the trial of a copyright-infringement lawsuit over LED ZEPPELIN's 1971 classic "Stairway To Heaven" has been postponed from its previously scheduled start date of May 10. U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner has moved the trial to June 14 after previously ruling that the proceedings would last less than a week and attorneys would have no more than ten hours per side to present evidence. The members of LED ZEPPELIN will have to defend themselves in a U.S. Federal court in a jury trial after being sued by Michael Skidmore, the trustee of the Randy Craig Wolfe Trust, on behalf of the late SPIRIT guitarist who wrote "Taurus" and performed under the name Randy California. The trust is hoping to not only win a monetary judgment, but also secure a writing credit for California on "Stairway To Heaven". Robert Plant and Jimmy Page will not appear at the upcoming trial, but have already sat for individual depositions in their defense. The performance and publishing worth of LED ZEPPELIN's "Stairway To Heaven" is estimated to be over $560 million. The Pulse Of Radio posted some of the restrictions for the upcoming lawsuit that may act in Plant and Page's favor: * The only version of "Taurus" that will be allowed to be played during the trial will be those that were filed with the copyright office in 1967. Other versions that the plaintiff's lawyers wanted to present that, presumably, showed the similarities between guitar passages even better, are now off limits. * The expert's written opinions that were to be submitted at trial that were based on the disallowed recordings have been rejected. The plaintiff's lawyers have five days to submit new reports based only on the allowed recordings. * All testimony on LED ZEPPELIN's history of plagiarism is barred. The only evidence that will be allowed will be two quotes made by Jimmy Page, himself, in magazine articles on how he wrote music. * There will be no testimony on the drinking or drug habits of the members of LED ZEPPELIN. * There will be no testimony on the wealth of the members of the group.

METALLICA Very Briefly Considered Making LARS ULRICH Frontman

May 4, 2016 - 11:46
METALLICA's original manager has revealed to Metal Hammer magazine that the band briefly considered making drummer Lars Ulrich its frontman. Jon "Jonny Z" Zazula, who started working with METALLICA before the release of the band's debut album, "Kill 'Em All", recalled James Hetfield's lack of confidence in handling lead vocal duties. As a possible solution, it was suggested that Ulrich could step up from the drum stool to the microphone. Zazula told Metal Hammer: "Lars and I planned a lot of stuff. But James wasn't the most confident of singers. I don't think he felt comfortable. "At one point there was even talk of Lars becoming the frontman. For about five seconds." Other singers who were being considered for the frontman position in METALLICA included Jess Cox of Newcastle, England's TYGERS OF PAN TANG and John Bush of ARMORED SAINT (and later ANTHRAX), who actually turned the offer down. Bush later said in an interview: "METALLICA did ask me to join, but I said no for all the right reasons. People must think that's crazy, but you have to remember the scene then. METALLICA was nobody. ARMORED SAINT was hot; you have to remember that. Also, I was very tight with the [ARMORED SAINT] guys, back to elementary school in fact. ARMORED SAINT was getting interest from all kinds of places, and we had a lot of people starting to turn up at shows." He continued: "METALLICA came to see SAINT at a gig in Anaheim, at The Woodstock in 1982. I heard they were interested in asking me to join, which they did later. The thing was that METALLICA was this new kind of thing, and nobody back then. I don't care what they say now; nobody could have predicted what would happen. I didn't know the guys either, so there was no real interest. It was great to be asked — in fact, a lot of people asked — but ARMORED SAINT was really strong. "Some time after 'Kill 'Em All' had come out, I heard the same thing again, but I never understood that because James was singing great then and he was doing a great job. I understood the lack of confidence back in '82 but not for 'Ride The Lightning'. James owns that record." In a 1989 interview with Metal Forces, Ulrich talked about what METALLICA could have sounded like had Bush ended up fronting the group. He said: "Only a couple of days ago, we were actually sitting around talking about how it would be now if John Bush had joined the band. Obviously, it's impossible to know how different it would have been, but I can't imagine METALLICA without James Hetfield up there growling into the microphone, fucking curved over and everything. It's really weird to think about it. I mean, nothing against John Bush — I think he's a great vocalist — but ... Well, thank God it didn't happen."


May 4, 2016 - 11:17
Montreal, Quebec, Canada-based melodic death metallers THE AGONIST has signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. The band is currently in the studio recording its new album with producer Mike Plotnikoff, who has previously worked with BUCKCHERRY, OTEP, HALESTORM, DROWNING POOL, THEORY OF A DEADMAN, 3 DOORS DOWN, FEAR FACTORY, FLYLEAF and SKILLET, among others. Guitarist Danny Marino comments: "We are thrilled to start the next chapter of THE AGONIST with Napalm Records! "Since recording 'Eye Of Providence', we have been exploding with creativity and are set to record our best record to date. We've been working non-stop on the material on and off the road and now after four albums we have really found ourselves. "Vicky [Psarakis, vocals] and I seem to operate on a hive mind where we know exactly what the other is going for in the writing before it happens. It can actually be freaky sometimes. We are also very excited to be recording this album with Mike Plotnikoff. His experience and input will really help take our sound to a new level." Napalm Records A&R Demetri Benoist added: "We are very excited to be working with THE AGONIST; this is a new chapter. THE AGONIST are poised to take it to the next level. Getting them in the studio to work with Mike Plotnikoff was a no-brainer. Mike is going to push the envelope and help bring out their best. Napalm Records is committed to making the new album their most successful." "Eye Of Providence" was released in February 2015 via Century Media. The band's first CD with Psarakis was recorded at The Grid studio in their hometown with producer Chris Donaldson (CRYPTOPSY). Vicky joined THE AGONIST as the replacement for Alissa White-Gluz, who left the band to focus on her new gig as the frontwoman of ARCH ENEMY.

SKYCLAD Hard At Work On New Album

May 4, 2016 - 10:59
British folk-metal pioneers SKYCLAD are hard at work on their as-yet-untitled thirteenth studio album. Following the return of guitarist Dave Pugh to the band's lineup as a permanent member in 2014, SKYCLAD played several major festival shows, including France's Hellfest and England's Bloodstock Open Air, before being forced to take a year-long break in 2015. This February, SKYCLAD got back together to work on the follow-up to 2009's "In The... All Together". The band comments: "We're really excited about having Dave back in the band. He's a fantastic guy, a great musician and songwriter! "The whole band is really inspired, and we're making good progress on the album. Most of the bits and pieces are there already. "Even though we played a couple of 'old school shows' recently, the new LP definitely won't be a thrash album; but it will be no typical folk metal album either. We'll use all the options we now have — with three guitarists, additional vocals, fiddle, keyboards, bass and drums — to create an album that will be the same but different. 100% SKYCLAD!" SKYCLAD hopes to release the new album within the next twelve months . The band's next live appearance will be at Germany's Dong Open Air in July. In other news, SKYCLAD's "A Bellyful Of Emptiness - The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1991-1995" will be released on May 27 as part of BMG's re-launch of the legendary German metal label Noise Records. SKYCLAD is: Kevin Ridley - Vocals Georgina Biddle - Violin Steve Ramsey - Guitar Dave Pugh - Guitar Graeme English - Bass Arron Walton - Drums